Key West Activities Still Going Strong Despite Cooler Temperatures

Temperatures may have dipped into the 50s some days, but the fishing is still good and the diving remains awesome.

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – Cooler temperatures here in Key West might make a day at the beach seem a little less enticing, but it's nothing a nice warm wetsuit can't cure out on the reef! Scuba diving is better than ever in Key West, where the USS Vandenberg is ready and waiting at 130 feet, making its peak season debut. As for Key West fishing, well the fish are still out there, especially in the Gulf Stream, which brings warmer water closer to Key West, sometimes as little as two miles from the Sand Key lighthouse.

And don't forget Key West's Old Town, which always offers exicting things to do, even if you have to wear a sweater. Historic home tours, trolley tours of the area, and ghost tours at night continue on, as popular as ever with visitors from colder locations who appreciate the charm and fascinating history of Key West, no matter what the weather is doing. Find information on tours at

Right now anglers are excited about wahoo, which is an excellent eating fish and also a strong fighting sport fish. They've been spotted all around Key West offshore and reef waters this holiday and post holiday season. They are considered one of the fastest swimming fish in the ocean. They've been clocked at 50 to 60 miles per hour, which goes a long way to explain just how exciting the fishing boat people are when wahoo are in town. They travel in schools and if your captain locates a school of wahoo and you hook some of them, you won't even mind if it starts to snow in Key West!
"We use dark colored lures for wahoo, trolling at speeds of around 14 knots." says Jay Gilmer, captain of an offshore fishing boat out of Key West. "The wahoo are here, and our fishing trips have been out of this world. People who fish know the cold weather won't stop the action out on the reef and further offshore." Captain Gilmer books fishing trips at
Visitors to Key West can count on a great vacation no matter what the weather may bring. Chances are, you'll find most Key West activities are as exciting as ever, even with the temporary dip in temperatures. We asked the local experts on winter water sports, at, about staying warm. In a nutshell, they advise:

wear a 3mmm or 5mm wetsuit for snorkeling or scuba diving
wear a sweatshirt and something waterproof like a rain jacket for fishing trips
still wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water

For more information on staying warm and having fun in Key West, visit the website at Here you'll find lots of pages with recent, valuable information on tours, water sports, restaurants, photos and lots more.