SafeWay Certifications Helps Keep Food Related Illnesses At An All Time Low

SafeWay Certifications a leading online certifications company provides online courses and certifications educating food handlers in the process.

Online PR News – 12-September-2011 – – SafeWay Certifications have been providing food handler's certifications and training for quite some time now, and the online courses have helped reduce the spread of food related illnesses in the State of Alabama.

Food-borne illnesses usually spread not because they are dangerous but due of the lack of knowledge the people who handle food have. This can be at home on a small scale and in food factories and processing plants on a larger scale wherein large amounts of food are processed and packaged for mass consumption. Even a minor error in handling food on the part of food handlers can start a mass food poisoning problem which could even be fatal for an unfortunate few.

Food handlers therefore need to be certified. Food handler's training in Alabama provided by SafeWay Certifications is a quick and convenient way for food handlers to take the test which in most states is compulsory by law. Taking such a test educates food handlers about the dos and don'ts of food processing, storage and handling giving them all-round knowledge about their work environment. It also provides companies and restaurant chains hiring employees to have peace of mind where in they do not need to worry about how knowledgeable their employees are in terms of food handling and storage.

SafeWay Certifications thus makes it easier for food handlers to take the simple online test as per their schedule and get a food handler's permit in Alabama almost immediately making the whole process convenient. The food handlers on the other hand get educated and become well aware of the right procedures of how to handle, prepare and store food in accordance with the food safety laws of the state keeping the public consuming the food safe.

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