Blanket America Patchwork Heritage Collection, “Paying It Forward”.

Blanket America is a charitable organization that has made a great difference by bridging the gap between business and charity.

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – Blanket America is a charitable organization that has made a great difference by bridging the gap between business and charity. In partnership with Gifts in Kind International, Blanket America aims to help at least a million needy American families through its Buy 1, Give 1 project. And because of this, it has opened the hearts and minds of the people and gained support from well-known companies such as, Fast Company, and JCPenney.
The Buy 1, Give 1 model adopted by Blanket America represents the company’s mission, which is to prove that it is possible to match what consumers have bought to what they have donated to the community. The product is the Patchwork Heritage Quilt, a beautifully designed quilt made either as a patriotic tapestry or a piece of nice comfortable bedding for the bedroom. The front’s design is a series of 13 fabrics that, when patched together, forms the 13 American colonies. The back’s design is the entire inaugural speech of President Barack Obama printed behind a background of the statue of Liberty. In order to be able to help one million families, all a customer has to do is preorder a Patchwork Heritage Quilt and a blanket is donated to one needy American family.
Gifts in Kind International, known as one of the best charities in the entire country, works hand-in-hand with Blanket America in this project by personally distributing the blankets to poor families from different states. Other companies such as and QVC have also shown their support by promoting the Patchwork Heritage Quilt on their respective websites, giving customers a chance to preorder easily from them. It is truly a blessing for Blanket America that Gifts in Kind as well as these reputable companies have shown their support willingly. The company is off to a very good start.
As of today, Blanket America has spread the word through all kinds of media, from its show on QVC to its Facebook and Twitter pages online. QVC viewers were able to get a glimpse of the Patchwork Heritage Quilt and, if sales are good, it is predicted that the company will be given more airtime and publicity in the future. In Facebook, fans can see an interactive map of the US displaying the progress of each state. They can also show their support to the cause by sharing comments, stories, and best wishes to the company through Facebook and Twitter.
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