Child Transportation Safety Course Now Available From SafeWay Certifications

SafeWay Certifications a leading online certifications provider now provides courses online making it convenient for childcare workers to take the course online.

Online PR News – 11-September-2011 – – SafeWay Certifications has been the leading provider of online certifications providing a simpler and a more convenient way for childcare workers to get certified quickly and in the right manner. Their recent addition of the Child Transportation Safety Course makes it even easier for childcare workers to take the test and become increasingly aware of the risks that children are prone too during transportation.

Children travel on a daily basis to school or to a park and sometimes even on an educational trip. Childcare workers always need to be aware about a child's safety when it comes to transporting them especially when the number of injury-related death among children magnifying by the day. Childcare workers need to know about how serious of an issue this really is and how one minor mistake on their end could result in the death or injury of an innocent child. The law covers all of these regulations and safety measures which childcare workers today need to know especially in the state of Texas. In the State of Texas every licensed or registered childcare program with children under the age of 9, is required by law to have 2 hours of specialized training in how to safely transport children.

SafeWay Certifications understands the troubles and the time constraints that daycare workers face on a daily basis which is why they have made the Child Transportation Safety Course available online where is most accessible. Making a course available online makes it convenient for daycare workers to give the exam if they have a busy schedule and do not otherwise have the time to attend a classroom session which takes about two days. The online course is simple and specific and divided into 7 chapters to make learning as quick as possible. It guides students about the current day statistics on child transportation injury-related deaths. Then it teaches students as to how these problems could be avoided using the right equipment to safely seat children in a bus or van or even in a car for that matter educating them on how simple it is to just pay attention at times and avoid unintentional injuries. The course emphasizes the right use of safety seats which are the best way of protecting children because they are in the end more vulnerable than adults because of their delicate body structures.

SafeWay Certifications have been providing the right courses to the people who serve the industry for many years now. Their decision to provide the courses online helps them reach out and help more people in the service industry making their lives a lot easier by giving them a convenient way to take up courses and get certified. Apart from childcare courses they also provide, food handler's permits, food manager training and certification, TABC certifications and daycare licensing in Texas.

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