WCO2 Becomes Member of UKSIF (The Sustainable Finance And Investment Association)

Global Carbon Project Management company receives membership to the UKSIF.

Online PR News – 10-September-2011 – – Vienna (07/09/11) – Global Carbon Project Management Company WCO2 is pleased to announce that the UKSIF (The Sustainable Finance and Investment Association) has accepted its application for Membership. UKSIF is the membership network for sustainable and responsible financial services. The organisation promotes responsible investment in all forms of finance that support sustainable economic development, enhance quality of life and safeguard the environment. As an organisation they also seek to ensure that individual and institutional investors can reflect their values in their investments.

“We are very excited to join a prestigious association like the UKSIF and believe that we can enhance the member awareness and insight into the green investment market. WCO2 looks forward to developing a long and lasting relationship with UKSIF and its Members.” (Otto W. Burchardt, MD)

What are UKSIF’s Mission and Values?

• UKSIF is a values-led organisation whose primary purpose is to achieve its mission.
• UKSIF regards its members as its primary stakeholders but we also recognise a wider responsibility to civil society, in the UK and internationally, and to the environment and future generations. It draws its strength from the expertise and contacts of its members in financial service providers and other financial services stakeholders. While it operates similarly to a trade association, it does not exist to defend and advance particular member interests. It therefore looks particularly to its members' expertise rather than their individual or collective commercial interests in deciding how best to fulfill its mission.
• UKSIF believes in and seeks to stimulate and encourage the provision of a healthy market in responsible finance products. This includes encouraging a sufficient range of products to address diversification and differing values and financial requirements; and taking a lead in encouraging innovative new approaches to achieving social and environmental impact and supporting the identification and removal of market failures.
• UKSIF supports transparency, effective governance and management processes, principles-based regulation and 'treating customers fairly". It believes that these should be achieved by voluntary action rather than compulsion where possible. However, if encouraging a voluntary approach fails, legal or regulatory compulsion is acceptable so long as sufficient attention is given to effective implementation.
• UKSIF believes that, so long as accurate information is available, it is the role of customers and market to select preferred responsible finance strategies. UKSIF does not endorse specific strategies in preference to others (e.g. screening v.engagement).
• UKSIF is willing to endorse or approve good practice standards in transparency, governance, management processes and similar. In doing this, it celebrates the positive rather than criticises the negative- it will "name and fame" but not "name and shame". Survey, awards and similar initiatives help to identify market leading solutions. UKSIF will undertake and endorse surveys, awards and similar where these "name and fame" rather than "name and shame".

Who is WCO2 ?

WCO2 is a division of Winvestors Financial Advisors Ges.m.b.H. based in Vienna, Austria. WCO2 is a B2B Environmental Finance, Trading and Advisory company. WCO2 invests in Emission Reduction projects through its strategic relationships with the world's leading project developers. WCO2 sources and trades CER's and VER's for its clients and provides advisory services through contracted partners in the areas of

- Carbon Footprint Analysis
- Sustainabilty Strategies
- GHG Reductions Strategy
- Branding
- EPA GHG Reporting Rule Compliance
- SEC Disclosure Requirements
- Carbon Calculating Tools

Winvestors Financial Advisors Ges.m.b.H. is successfully supporting their customers in short and long-term investment decisions in the stock market since more than a decade. Their principles and goals have been checked and tested since the foundation in 1993 and represent the experience of a dedicated and well-trained staff.

For information on tthis press release or the services and projects offered by WCO2, please visit www.w-co2.com or contact the Department on the details above.