Teen Drug Treatment Program with a 97% Success Rate

The teen drug treatment program at V3 Tucson boasts a 97% long-term sobriety rate.

Online PR News – 07-January-2010 – – Tucson, AZ: Teen drug treatment center V3 Tucson understands what parents seeking a substance abuse recovery program for their child or young adult are looking for. Often, the most sought after characteristics in a teen drug rehab facility are:

Programs based on 12 step principles
Emphasis on personal goals and education/vocation
Routine family communication, and
A significantly high success rate

Unfortunately, many teen drug treatment facilities fail to disclose their rate of long-term sobriety among graduates. Perhaps it’s because the rates are low – or, even unknown, thanks to a careless, “in and out” approach to treatment.

However, one teen drug treatment center is going against the grain to provide the kind of professional care that families facing an addiction crisis deserve – V3 Tucson, which welcomes teens from across the country in need of alcohol or drug treatment.

Founded by renowned at-risk youth expert Gale Standen, and staffed by a caring faculty of over a half dozen experienced professionals, V3 Tucson is a teen drug treatment facility with a 97% long-term sobriety rate among its graduates. The above listed characteristics are all in place: a multi-faceted approach to treatment that includes 12 step principles, personal goal emphasis, and family involvement.

Because the center maintains communication with its valued residents and their families following their transitions, they can confirm this success rate with confidence. In fact, a variety of resident, graduate and family testimonials are available for review on their website.

Those interested in admitting a loved one into a teen drug treatment program with a proven long-term sobriety rate can contact V3 Tucson 24 hours a day, toll free at (800) 981-9793.

About V3 Tucson

V3 TUCSON provides long-term solutions to alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse that combine the fundamentals of the 12-step program with individual coaching designed to meet the needs of each resident. They are more than just a teen drug rehab; they are dedicated professionals restoring youth to a good, flourishing and useful life now and into a brighter future.


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