Rapid Intake eLearning Software Boasts Easier PowerPoint to Flash Conversion for eLearning than Articulate and Captivate

Online SaaS e-learning software lets course developers upload and convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash while still maintaining synchronized animation and audio.

Online PR News – 06-January-2010 – – Provo, Utah - Rapid Intake, a rapid e-learning software company has announced powerful new PowerPoint to Flash conversion features in its award-winning collaborative online e-learning software Unison. It key advantages over competing tools such as Articulate and Captivate lie in its simplicity of implementation, ease of use and its broad support for all animations and audio synchronization.

“As far as ease of use, the Unison product has been vast improvement over our previous course publishing software,” reports Kevin Williams, a course developer for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America. “The publishing tools give us a variety of options to work with, and we are completely satisfied with the product.”

Implementation is simple because unlike other tools, no additional software needs to be installed. This means that course developers wanting to build content in PowerPoint work directly in the native PowerPoint without using plug-ins or other add-ons.

When the content is ready to convert, the course developer logs into the web-based application through any major browser, opens the media manager, and uploads the native PowerPoint (.ppt) file. Rapid Intake Unison automatically converts the file, including all animations, audio, and any animation timings that may be synchronized with the narration.

The publishing tools give us a variety of options to work with and we are completely satisfied with the product.

“This is by far the most powerful and easiest PowerPoint conversion for e-learning available,” says Garin Hess, Product Manager for Rapid Intake Unison. “You work right inside PowerPoint. Even audio narration can be done right within PowerPoint itself with no extra software to install.”

To synchronize animation with narration, the course developer simply records directly into a computer microphone or headset while clicking through the PowerPoint as if in front of a live audience. This automatically synchronizes the narrative audio with animation and leaves the audio embedded inside the PowerPoint (.ppt) file. Once it is uploaded, Rapid Intake’s powerful conversion engine keeps all animations and synchronized timings.

“Support for all animations and audio synchronization and the quality of conversion really make this stand out,” says Steve Hancock, Rapid Intake President. “The ease of use is also really impressive. It’s essentially PowerPoint conversion for e-learning in a single click.”

Once a PowerPoint file has been converted into separate Flash movies, course developers can integrate and intersperse them with other interactive activities, such as quizzes, tests, learning games, and simulations. All of this can be added with no programming required from the course developer.

“I was impressed with the PowerPoint conversion functionality. Very logical, easy to accomplish the task,” says Alex Esmon, Training Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Rapid Intake recently published a white paper on how to convert PowerPoint presentations to increase instructional effectiveness. You can download the white paper at: http://www.rapidintake.com/effective-powerpoint-conversion-for-elearning/

Rapid Intake's online course authoring e-learning software, Unison, has received recognition from top awards, including the Gold Award for Most Innovative Learning Technology from Brandon Hall Research. Unison's browser-based collaborative course authoring and collaborative course review features combined with innovative licensing structure that lets anyone in the organization use the software, sets it apart as a unique offering in the rapid e-learning software space.

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