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People keeps winning on ezwingame

Online PR News – 06-January-2010 – – Fort Lauderdale, Florida - was only launched in December only a short month ago yet there have winner after winner on Ezwingame. What is most interesting is some of the same members are winning repeatedly. Lauren won the free Microsoft home office and student as well as well as the free Harry Potter and half-blood prince video. Patricia won the free wii. Nadine has won the free Andrea Bocelli My Christmas CD as well as the free $50 visa gift card. Steve won the free $50 free Victoria secret gift card. Becky has really been the big winner. Becky has won the free wii, the free Walmart $50 gift card and the free scene it, Twilight deluxe edition game. Another winner was Erica M of Gastonia North Carolina. Erica used many of her maximum free 30 guesses per day to win a Free Calvin Klein Eternity perfume.
Everything is free on ezwingame. All kinds of great free prizes and free stuff can be won by the members. Members can register for free and more so play for absolutely for free! There is no purchase needed whatsoever. The proverbial win big win free site.

The last periods prizes included another Free Nintendo Wii, Free Apple Itouch 8g, Free Harry Potter movie DVD, Free Call of Duty video game, Free Timex Ironman Triathlon watch, Free Paris Hilton perfume, Free Microsoft office home & student 2007, Free Scene it trivia game as well as the Wii Plus Fit game.

Starting on Jan 6th the free prizes tentatively will include a free digital camera (the Kodak easyshare 180 digital camera), free Tommy Hilfiger designer watch for men, free flip camcorder, free wii, free itouch, free Acqua Giorgio Armani perfume for men, free Garmin GPS, Free Cuisinart coffee maker, free sony walkman mp3 player, free bvlgari omnia perfume, free guess designer watch for women and best of all a free laptop from Samsung for gold members

There is no where else on the internet in which you can win free stuff and have fun at the same time. Where can you win a free laptop?

The question that comes up …is how are the winners winning?
Here are some tips that we have seen…


1. Use all of Your Guesses per day per game.
Using all your guesses lets you outrun other players. When you use all of your guesses, this allows you to hunt down the currentlowest unique guess so you can knock it off by placing a guess of the same amount and hopefully turning one of your uniqueguesses into the New lowest unique guess. The more guesses you use a day, the more you will lock in your numbers and increase your chances of winning.

2.Try to gauge where the lowest unique guess may be.
You may want to start off at a higher level if many people are guessing low. As long as your guess is unique, it may become thelowest as the bids below are "knocked out" by no longer being unique. Guess low, continually monitor, and ensure you have made lowest unique guess. Once you have secured a lowest unique guess, try to strategically guess higher since your guess might get "knocked out" and the higher unique guesses will be the new lowest unique guesses.

3. Do not wait till the end of a game to make a guess
Unlike a traditional online auction there is No advantage in waiting until the last few seconds or hours. As soon as you have decided on the item, Start making the guesses

So join the fun and save money at the same time.
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