Announces September Special Offer
09/05/2011 Announces a special offer golf mind training mp3 product bundle available for a limited time during September.

Online PR News – 05-September-2011 – – today announced their special offer of golf mental skills mp3s at a discounted price for a limited time only.

The GolferWithin golf mind mp3 downloads utilize the most powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to access the golfer's subconscious mind and thus their automatic thought processes. Amateurs and professionals use these mental golf training mp3s alike. It is readily agreed by the professionals that 90% of great golf is in the mind and so the GolferWithin recordings are an incredibly powerful way of making a major impact upon your golf game. Any golfer who wishes to gain an edge in their game can achieve this powerful golf mindset simply by listening to these mental golf mp3 downloads.

As Roseanna Leaton, creator of GolferWithin, said today "fall is the perfect time in which to focus your attention on the mental game of golf. When wet and windy weather deters you from stepping out onto the course or even the range you can still work on your game in a very major way whilst remaining warm and dry inside your own home. The mental side of golf is equally as important as the mechanics of the game and GolferWithin provides an easy way in which to gain your own powerful mental edge. Work on your mental game during the winter months and you will be a powerful force on the golf course next spring".

The GolferWithin Mental Skills Tool-kit of eight mp3 downloads covering all areas of the game is now available at a specially reduced price. The discounted product bundle also includes same powerful bonus recordings to advance your mental golf skills and also assist in curing a slice.

Please visit for more information about this limited time offer. is a specialist source in golf hypnosis mp3s that apply to every area of the game. The GolferWithin range of golf mind training mp3s is designed by RoseannaLeaton who has twenty years in practice as a hypnotherapist and psychologist, as well as being an avid golfer herself. The Golfer Within recordings are also available individually from