Strategy Praxis™ Institute Launches Strategy Blog

The Strategy Praxis™ Institute has launched a strategy blog. The blog will contain short posts on a variety of topics related to strategy and of interest to business professionals.

Online PR News – 06-January-2010 – – The Strategy Praxis™ Institute has launched a strategy blog at:


The blog will contain short posts on a variety of topics related to strategy. The posts will be educational in nature, but are not necessarily going to follow any particular theme and may jump from one topic to another. The Strategy Praxis™ Blog is an example of one of the numerous fee-free resources offered by The Strategy Praxis™ Institute designed to provide a good introduction to the field of strategy.

Some of the more interesting posts for the month of December 2009 include an article on game theory. How does one anticipate the reaction of ones opponents or competitors? There are several tools available – game theory, behavioral psychology and history among others. Game theory attempts to model a contested situation and assumes that people will act strategically and reason logically. A simple example is given on how to use game theory in a typical business situation.

There is also an article on influencing perception. People are influenced hundreds of times each day in ways so subtle that they frequently go unnoticed. The article includes an exercise one can perform in any group setting to demonstrate how easily our perceptions can be influenced. An image is presented that can be interpreted as either a young woman or an old woman. Edwin G. Boring first introduced it into the psychological literature in the 1930’s. Most groups are evenly split between identifying the image as a young or old woman. However, by presenting a biased image first, the percentage of people interpreting the image as either a young or old woman changes radically.

There is another post introducing system archetypes. Systems archetypes are a class of systems thinking tools that model common system challenges. System archetypes are highly effective tools for gaining insight into patterns of behavior, themselves reflective of the underlying structure of the system being studied. One common system archetype is called “Success To The Successful”. The old saying: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” has validity in any competitive system and this archetype explains why that is the case.

A stratagem is an artifice or trick for deceiving and outwitting a competitor or opponent. A collection of some of the most cunning stratagems ever devised is contained in an old Chinese manuscript, entitled: The Thirty-Six Stratagems. One of the posts in December discusses a particularly devious stratagem called: “Invite Your Enemy Onto The Roof – Then Remove The Ladder.” The article gives one example of how this stratagem has been successfully applied in business.

Did you ever try to change a person’s mind about a particular issue? It can be a considerable challenge. There is mounting evidence that most people don’t change their minds just by learning new facts. Instead, they change their minds by realizing that their beliefs, assumptions and conclusions they have about the world no longer feel true. The key word is FEEL. The post on “Feeling Of Knowing” gives a short introduction to this topic. Moreover, while it may seem like this feeling is a confirmation of knowledge based on critical reasoning – substantial evidence suggests otherwise.

These are just a few examples of blog posts for the month of December 2009. The Strategy Praxis™ Institute plans to contribute ten to fifteen posts per month on its blog.