[NEWS] NinjaWaz Lekool Server Launched

NinjaWaz 3D Anime Based Free to Play Browser Game

Online PR News – 04-September-2011 – – [NEWS] Ninja Waz Lekool - The Best Browser Games Sites

3D browsed anime themed MMO by www.lekool.com , Ninja Waz is a revolutionary free to play game where players become young hero ninja in a mission to save a world in turmoil, a world called Angel City. Stepping in the shoes of their mighty and favorite manga heroes from Naruto or Bleach, players will tackle challenging quests, fight an assortment of monsters and compete in fierce PvP arenas to write their name in history book. It’s time to unlock the mystic Art of Ninjutsu and rewrite legend.
A free to play browser game, Ninja Waz does not require download or any installations. Browser based brawler MMORPG, NinjaWaz features characters from the famous anime Naruto and Bleach series. Incarnating the role of ninja hero who is driven by faith to save Angel City from the raging demons that are willing to dominate after breaking the seals retaining them. Practicing forbidden ninjutsu arts, the sinister force is wreaking havoc in Angel City. Players must harness their power learning new skills and completing quests on a journey to bring peace back to the land. Fight an assortment of monsters, duel, and battle others in the arena.
Launch on a journey to on the eastern world full of Ninja heroes; make good use of your magical skills to fend off all invasions from the evil forces. You are the real Ninja to shoulder the responsibility to bring the peace to the world and give life to nature…
On 22nd August 2011, Lekool launched NinjaWaz OB version with lots of events and an environment to please and care about its players in order to satisfy and give full support to them in terms of support and help to progress and advance in game.
In NinjaWaz, you role play as an Amine Ninja Hero to complete quests, compose equipment or raise pets. This so called Slave System is very popular in China, which can be found in many browser games such as Senatry, Edragon, and etc.
Featuring a multi class system with an intensive visual and interactive experience, NinjaWaz is a revolutionary browser game where www.lekool,com comes to add more enhancements to it with uniquely exclusive customer care supports and in game event s and much more. Other than common browser game that simply combine dialogue with graphics, NinjaWaz uses more direct visual images to enrich the whole gaming experience. Meanwhile, stunning special effects made battles more cheerful and enjoyable.
Game Links: http://ninjawaz.lekool.com/
Video Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDrXLhUTO1A