Jellyfish Art to launch Desktop Jellyfish Tnak

Anyone can own pet jellyfish with the latest desktop aquarium gadget.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – SAN FRANCISCO – Fish hobbyists, design enthusiasts and gadget lovers alike can keep jellyfish pets starting Dec. 2011, when Jellyfish Art will launch its Desktop Jellyfish Tank.

The tank – designed from the ground up by Jellyfish Art president and founder Alex Andon – is the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish, which cannot survive in traditional fish tanks. Jellyfish require a particular water flow that prevents the delicate animal from getting trapped in corners or sucked into filtration intakes.

Each tank comes with everything needed, including a feeding pipette, hydrometer, live rock, air pump and a voucher redeemable at for three jellyfish and food that are shipped overnight to customers’ doorsteps. The tank can also accommodate accessory saltwater animals like crabs, snails and sea anemones.

Aug. through Sept. 12, 2011, the company is running a campaign to fund the initial manufacture of the Desktop Jellyfish Tank via The website is a crowd-funding platform where donors have pledged millions of dollars to back innovative projects under categories like art, publishing and film.

The “Desktop Jellyfish Tank by Alex” Kickstarter project met explosive success – it reached the minimum $3,000 goal in three days, and surpassed $100,000 in 22. Once the campaign ends, the project will be on’s Most Funded list.

Before the new Desktop Tank, Andon sold fish tanks that he adjusted to accommodate jellyfish. Last year, Andon decided to steer away from this tedious buy-fix-sell method and move toward engineering his own tank.

“Retrofitting fish tanks is expensive and takes a lot of time,” he said. “I wanted a tank design that I could control from the bottom up, and that would be designed just for jellyfish.”

Jellyfish Art will begin to wholesale the Desktop Jellyfish Tank in Dec. 2011. The tank will also be sold on

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Jellyfish Art LLC was founded in 2008 by Alex Andon, a Duke University alumnus with a marine biology degree. The San Franciso-based company sells specialized jellyfish aquariums and ships live moon jellyfish overnight from its breeding facility. features instructional videos and articles to guide customers as they care for their pet jellyfish.

Desktop Jellyfish Tank Kickstarter page:
Projected MSRP (subject to change): $485