Great New Website features Android Tablets

The new website is devoted to all things concerning Android Tablets.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – The new website is devoted to all things concerning Android Tablets.

Originally produced to compete against and hopefully parallel sales of the hugely successful launches of the ipad and ipad 2 Tablets from Apple, Android Tablets are now gaining in popularity on their own merit.

Now with their own powerful Tablet specific operating system the "Honeycomb" version of the android OS and several features not found on Apple's tablet like additional storage options, Different available sizes, standard peripheral ports, forward and rear facing cameras and Flash support for web browsing, Android Tablets are making significant in roads into the ipad's market share.

This from Brian Cooley editor at large for CNet:

"Just as android phones pulled up neck and neck with the iphone, android tablets could do the same."

Many industry insiders believe so. According to a recent IDC survey of Tablet application developers there are several areas that Android Tablets are the better choice and in time will contribute to Android Tablets increasing popularity.

With the success of the latest android tablet launches like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Toshiba Thrive it is obvious that these tablets are in serious contention for the battle of top spot. For consumers who are unwilling to pay the premium price for an Apple product or are reluctant to buy in to the Apple marketing juggernaut an Android Tablet is now a realistic option. stays on top of all the new Android Tablets coming out as well as a history of the Android OS, reviews and buying guides for the various Tablets featured. However the site also cautions prospective buyers to do their due diligence when purchasing a new Android Tablet as some models become obsolete shortly after hitting the stores.

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