California Marine Supplier Helps Boaters Stay Afloat Amidst Stormy Financial Seas

Just4Boats helps boaters save money and maximize their time on the water by leveraging the power of the sun with solar boating products.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Alameda, Ca. – Many boaters have been forced to cut back on their maritime activities due to the recent economic storms. In fact, for many, the luxury they once enjoyed is just a memory from the past and a hope for tomorrow. Others have taken a frugal approach to boating and are leveraging the sun to save money by using as much solar power as they can. Boaters can use solar power to light docks, generate back up power, and in the case of light watercraft, outright power the boat.
"The rising energy costs have had a major impact on boaters all over the country," Just4Boats product marketing manager Mike Mahoney says. "This has led to a greater interest in solar marine products like solar-powered dock lights and solar panels for boats."

There are several potential benefits to "going solar" on and off the water, including:

This has led to a greater interest in solar marine products like solar-powered dock lights and solar panels for boats.

• Energy cost savings
• An unlimited renewable primary or secondary energy source
• Good for the environment
• Enhanced safety

Also, installing solar dock lights can help protect your watercraft 24/7 by providing dock lighting without the need for a power source that needs to be turned on or off. This means the lights stay on even when you’re not there to turn them on; "solar dock lights help keep any marina safe by deterring would-be thieves and providing light at night that helps reduce the number of dock-side accidents" Mahoney continues. "This can be accomplished while at the same time reducing your energy bill and helping the environment. It’s a win-win for everybody involved."

But, Mahoney cautions, not all marine solar products are created equal; "when boaters look at solar marine products, they need to keep in mind that not all products on the market will live up to their expectations", Mahoney explains. Mahoney lays out four factors that boaters should consider to help guide them in purchasing the right solar marine products for their needs:

• Brightness/Power Output
• Run Time
• Cost
• Durability

"When you buy a solar marine product or a solar dock light, make sure you are buying one that is durable, affordable, and will give you adequate power output (or in the case of dock lights, brightness) and a good amount of run time. This is what we strive for with each of the products we offer at Just4Boats. For more information, visit

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