Mobisis Offers Quality Barkod Otomasyonu and Wireless Infrastructure Solutions

Quality barcode systems for business purposes are offered by the famous Turkish distribution and project company,

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Sisli, Istanbul Being the dynamic Distribution and Project Company, Mobisis offers high quality wireless infrastructure solutions to its customers. The company has years of experience ever since the commencement in 2004 and has been providing enhanced service and support to consumers with its latest technology mobile applications and software.

“Mobil bar-coding is an exciting advancement in barcode reader technology that makes your phone to act as reader to fetch information or any service from a website. You can know details about website promotions, discount vouchers and new services of a company with Mobil barcodes”, says the spokesperson of,” It makes possible to buy products, activate applications, and download music tracks and many more excitements.”

An excellent benefit of Mobil bar-coding is that the camera itself acts as the barkod okuyucu and scanner in this advanced technology and so offers reliable service to consumers. adopts advanced technology for its mobile applications and so scanning and reading barcodes are faster than before. The company has expert developers who create apps using latest techniques in order to meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Being the authorized distributor in Turkey, offers solutions for the mobile application needs of customers with new generation technology. Barkod otomasyonu systems are mostly preferred by business organizations because of its greater accuracy and fast processing.

“We provide mobile application solutions created out of most advanced barcode scanning technology at affordable prices. Our expert developers design mobility solutions for industrial environments and are been used successfully in many places”, says the spokesperson, when speaking about the services offered by the company.

With affordable mobility solutions, the company helps customers to enjoy excellent benefits with the added value and quality. The company has established strong relationships with branded manufacturers and so satisfies customers with its wide range of Mobil Barkod products known for its reliability and flexibility.

“Our company is in accordance with standards and we make every effort to promote quality production. With our quality products and services, we continue to offer the assurance of ISO 9001”, the spokesperson adds further.


Mobisis is the distribution company in Turkey that offers mobile computer and wireless infrastructure solutions to its customers. The company has strategic partnership with Motorola and creates mobile barkod otomasyonu at affordable budgets. For more details, visit