‘Save Your Home without Losing Your Mind or Your Money’ Tops Amazon Bestseller List

Ex-bank executive turned America’s loan modification guru, Anna Cuevas, helps millions of homeowners with her bestselling book – ‘Save Your Home without losing your mind or your money’.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – August 31, 2011, CA, United States -- Anna Cuevas, an ex-bank executive turned America’s loan modification guru who founded the wildly popular www.askaloanmodguru.com where specializes in helping homeowners empower themselves to fight foreclosures and how to complete the mortgage loan modification to save their homes has authored a book, titled – “Save Your Home without losing your mind or your money” to help millions of homeowners.

She has also co-authored a book ‘Fight for Your Dreams’ with world renowned inspiring motivational speaker and speech coach, Les Brown that just became a #1 Bestseller.

Cuevas wrote this book with a goal to educate society with the principles of loan modification process and how to defend their homes, and stop foreclosure with consumer strategy training. ‘Save Your Home without losing your mind or your money’, is a must-read for at-risk home owners.

Anna says, “It is the responsibility of you, the homeowner, to empower yourself with information, so that you know exactly what you need to do.”

“With my book, I tried to teach homeowners to be one step ahead, the consumer strategy training; helpless homeowners are also guided on how to be their own best advocate.”

Greg S Reid, entrepreneur, CEO of several successful corporations, one of the greatest motivational keynote speakers in the world and #1 bestselling author of many books including ‘Three Feet from Gold’, a sequel of Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich, wrote the foreword, he mentioned: "Anna understands the mortgage process, and she knows the opportunities available to at-risk homeowners. She also knows that it’s when homeowners believe there is no hope that the real hope is at arm’s length. Follow the strategies she provides in this book and you just might find that your opportunities are worth continuing to fight for. Perseverance brings rewards. Anna Cuevas and her book can save your home; she has the formula for success."
The book is available at www.saveyourhomethebook.com and trusted online book stores like amazon.com.
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About the Author

Anna Cuevas, #1 Bestselling Author, has become the symbol for self-empowerment and a guardian to thousands of fearful homeowners that are faced with the hardship and stigma of losing their home.

As a former award winning bank executive, Anna is aware of the unsavory fear tactics and complicated jargon used by Big Banks to intimidate and harass homeowners – and she now used her insider know-how to take homeowners behind the velvet rope and reveal the truth about saving one’s home. Called a superhero of the loan modification industry, Anna takes clients from fearful victims to empowered self-advocates and celebrates with each that there is no greater accessory in the world than the keys to your own front door!

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