Carole Lynn Cummings: a Certified Mystical Intuitive and Consultant, Uses Graphology To Reveal Info

Carole Lynn Cummings, Interviewed by Deborah Dachinger, Helps Businesses And Individuals Hire The Right People – Through Handwriting. She Also Discusses What’s Ahead In the Times To Come.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – Carole Lynn Cummings, Interviewed by Deborah Dachinger, Helps Businesses And Individuals Hire The Right People Through Handwriting. She Also Discusses What’s Ahead In the Times To Come.

Carole Lynn Cummings, CG, CAC, LSHC, is a Mystical Consultant who uses Handwriting, Tarot readings, Spiritual Health Coaching and Aromatherapy to receive accurate information. Many theories swirl around regarding the coming of 2012 and predictions abound. Carole Lynn is certain of what’s on this side and on the next as we move into this important shift, which she discusses during her radio interview on Dare to Dream.

As a Certified Graphologist and Graphotherapist, she uses handwriting to reveal personality traits and patterns of behavior. Carole Lynn says “Handwriting analysis is a blueprint of your personality, your IQ, your feelings and how you process information. Your brain, not your hand, actually structures what appears on the paper and the letters/ words say more about you than you think. It reveals how you function and relate to others in your world. You may be able to obtain insights on others in your business, family or romantic influences. Personality traits can be changed by changing your writing through Grapholotherapy, such as increase memory, reduce stress, improve self confidence to name just a few. You can change your handwriting to change your life”

Carole is a member of the American Tarot Association. She’s a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach who incorporates Handwriting and Tarot to provide insight into issues and gives practical spiritual tools to handle things a positive way. Carole is also well-versed is using essential oils for physical, mental, and spiritual areas of life. As a member of the Professional Division of ‘The Monroe Institute’, Carole often uses the Hemi-Sync music and other information tools. Carole Lynne has been a guest on many Radio shows, and has appeared on metaphysical TV shows, such as Inner Vision, People House and Mystical Intuitive. She co-authored the book: “Wake UP-Live the Life You Love, Live with Passion” and is in process of completing 2 books.

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