Aurora Blue 16th release from Fusion Composer Gary Paul Bryant

Gary's 16th instrumental release jumps into uncharted fusion territory.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – The fact that 'Smokin Mirrors' debuted at number one on Soundclick's Jazz fusion charts is no surprise.

Bryant's 16th instrumental release jumps into uncharted fusion territory. Defying genre and tradition, Aurora Blue melds the sophistication of jazz with power rock, classical and world elements to create a unique progressive fusion that sometimes hints of Yes, King Crimson and Pink Floyd.

Before the advent of today's digital recording technology, this talented pianist-cum-guitarist got a decidedly lowbrow start in the music business. 'When I was just a little kid, three years old, we got a piano. A couple of neighbors dropped off an old upright piano in exchange for a few cans of beer. I took piano lessons for about 3 weeks, that was all the piano teacher could take. I couldn't get through a single piece of music that my teacher gave me because I would improvise as I went. I'd get one or two minutes into a piece and then I'd just go off and start making things up.'

All six Aurora Blue compositions are available via download or stream from the usual cadre of music distribution channels including,,, Rhapsody, Spotify and Amazon Digital to name a few. Additionally, 'Smokin Mirrors' is the featured song in Gary's latest YouTube video entitled 'Abra Dabra' which includes some very fancy choreography from Fred Astaire.

Bryant is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and is a five-time ASCAP+ award-winner. He also belongs to The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences(NARAS).

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