Creating Environmental Awareness – RecycleinME Presents Recycling Videos

Being one of the largest scrap trade portal, it is our responsibility to educate people on the importance of recycling, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 05-January-2010 – – Tamilnadu, India ( OnlinePRNews ) January 5, 2010 – It is already high time to protect the planet which we live in. Utilizing the recycling opportunities available today will be a great sigh of relief to the grinning planet. There are recycling initiatives all over this planet and the scrap materials sector is the most important source for these initiatives. Scrap trade all over the world is considered as a main source of economic growth of any country. The real fact is that the scrap material trade is more than just giving economic advantage. “Though the scrap trade is considered as a business that help people in earning money, this trade helps a great deal in recycling as well. All the scrap materials that are traded finally end up in some recycling unit. These scrap materials turn in to fresh ones and are reused. For example all the shredded steel scrap that is traded will be recycled in to fresh steel. Recycling steel scrap saves 60% of non-renewable energy ” says the spokesperson of

Speaking about the recycling videos presented at the video section, Mr. Benny, the technical executive of Recycleinme said, “Recycling video ( section of our scrap trade portal is the place where people can watch informative scarp material recycling videos for free. People out there can learn a lot about aircraft recycling, ship breaking & steel recovery and many other recycling methods. We have presented some DIY recycling videos as well. These non-commercial recycling videos will certainly create great environmental awareness.”

Speaking on the move, Benny said, “It should be noted that the higher the scrap trade goes on, the greener the planet will become. We request everyone out there to trade the scrap materials like used steel cans, used tires and other electronic scrap so that you can earn money along with making the planet a better place to live. RecycleinME is supports all recycling initiatives by providing an opportunity to get great online exposure. We have an events calendar where any recycling event can be listed for free. We ourselves promote recycling with the help of our sister concern which deals with disposing waste properly. Recycleinme’s dedicated community for scrap trade can be used to share thoughts on recycling. Let’s pledge together to build a greener planet.”


RecycleinME is the best place to get business leads for scrap trade. This marketplace for scrap metal, non metal scrap, plastic scrap, rubber scrap and paper scrap was launched in 2002. Along with being a great platform for scrap trade, RecycleinME is also a great information portal to find scrap prices, scrap material trade procedures etc. RecycleinME also has a great community dedicated to scrap trade

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