You know how you see some of the most successful and happy people are dealing with the most unbelievable challenges and adversities working against them? Then you find yourself asking, “If this guy is successful, happy and fulfilled dealing with his challenges, how does he do it?”

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Craig Mattice penned a “slap-you-in-the-face and wake up” inspiring book titled, “Evaluate, Adapt, And Overcome: Accept No Limits In Life,” making you ask, “What is his secret of coping with so many adversities, yet he is enjoying life to the fullest?” Craig recounts his story of coming to terms with total disability and outlines specific advice that helped him along the way. He is a survivor going from highly physically fit as prior law enforcement, specialty trained military and long distance runner, to dealing with doctors for almost 11 years before receiving a definitive, yet terminal diagnosis. He is also a survivor of a near-fatal brain stem stroke, yet he has continued to design his life by dealing with adversity through learning to evaluate, adapt and overcome.

Craig has coined a personal motto of “Living Life on His Terms, No Excuses No Regrets.” He has para-sailed over 1,000 feet high, bungee jumped from a 140 foot tower by his ankles and even scaled the top final two tenths of a mile of a 10,000 foot mountain volcano in Hawaii using crutches, all since becoming disabled.

He generously shares his knowledge and experiences with others through his blog, on forums, the Internet and now writing this motivating book. Craig demonstrates we have the power to control our response to adversity. His time is short, but that has not stopped Craig from “Living Life on His Terms.”

This book is actually making a difference in people’s lives who read it and get the messages contain within the covers. The responses to his book have been unbelievable judging by the comments received such as, “I couldn't wait [to get the book] and then I couldn't put it down!” “I LOVE your book! Don't think I've ever read anything that quoted Yoda!” “I just about spewed my Lucky Charms all over my keyboard as I was reading your ‘Sharing My Final Wishes’ section of your book.” “Excellent words, Craig! …… - And by the way - I am loving your book! [I] Had a hard time putting it down!" Finally, “I was laughing so hard while reading your book on the beach, the people next to me asked me to quiet down.”