ObamaforAmerica2012.org Home Burglary Awareness Week, Free Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security App

Protect your love ones, women and latchkey kids from the terror of being assaulted, raped or killed by a home burglar.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Burglars do not take vacations – striking a home somewhere every 8.5 seconds according to a study by the USDJ Bureau of Justice Statistics. http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv09.pdf

“There is no way to prevent a burglar from breaking into a home” says Carl Robinson, spokesman for WIIA. “There is a way to prevent these terrorizing encounters and maximize the rate of law enforcement arrest and prosecutions. It is the Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security and Surveillance Camera App. What this app does is converts the Android camera smartphone (prepaid $100.00 phones, no contract) from T-mobile, AT&T wireless or Virgin Mobile, into a full stand alone covert camera surveillance system, that detects a burglar and instantly sends pictures direct to the user. The app has internal motion sensor and is easily programmed by the user to send the pictures direct to his/her personal cell phones or any email address.

This App is a free download on ObamaforAmerica2012.org, compliments of WIIA,LLC for a limited time.

Android Home Surveillance app to cell phone photo warning reduces risk of being injured or killed by accidental encounter with a burglar surprise-in-one's-own-home. Android Home Surveillance Camera App WIIA 2.1 alarm pictures are direct verification of a burglar break-in for the fastest police response and court best evidence, for just a few cents a day.

Robinson says, almost every adult today has a cell phone and using it to protect life and property is plain good sense. This is a powerful solution to an ugly home burglary problem that is taking innocent lives randomly in homes across the length and breath of the US. There are many stories where a burglar to prevent identification -- murdered women. It’s great to know that our company is able to give something back to America and in doing so save lives.

Home burglary is as much American home grown terrorism as American Apple Pie. The difference is Apple Pie is not murdering in our own homes our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, our grandfathers, our fathers, our brothers, even our children and anyone else we love or care about. Curiously, the national news media is mute on this national problem that threatens the entire population.”

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