Norsk Fiskeriretur As Builds Up A New Association With RecycleInMe – A Global Scrap Portal

Nowadays the scrap market has gained much popularity and recognition in the universal arena that many industrialists have jumped into the business dealings and trading of scraps in huge amounts.

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Nagercoil, TamilNadu In the recent decades, the scrap industry has really gained an enormous profit and more entrepreneurs all around the world are actively engaged in scrap business with huge volumes. Scraps of various kinds like aluminium scraps, plastic scraps, copper scraps, lead scrap, zinc scrap, nickel scrap, electronic scrap, battery scrap, brass scrap, glass scraps, paper scraps are traded all over the globe to be reprocessed or recycled into finished metals.

Statistics reveal that people residing in the US throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour and that recycling 1 ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. Overall it’s estimated that the scrap industry processes more than 145,000,000 tons of scrap material per year into fresh raw material as feedstock for industries all over the globe. These scrap materials include all kinds of scraps including scrap piles from trashes, from scrape yards, scraps from piles, scraps from disposed automobiles, etc.

In today’s plastic scrap market, there are innumerable scrap sellers who sell their scraps all over the globe. Norsk Fiskeriretur As, a developing plastic scrap dealer is mainly concentrating on the scraps that are left out from Fish Farming and Fish Industry.

“We collect and partly process discarded equipment from the Fish farming-and Fishing industry. Types of equipment we collect are different kinds of Fish nets and Fish farming nets, Floating rings from fish farming facility, Ropes, different kinds of Floaters and other things. The raw materials from these products are primarily nylon / Polyamide and PP-plastic. In general we receive much plastic of different kinds.” Says Mr.Øistein Aleksandersen, the spokesman of Norsk Fiskeriretur As.

As a whole, in this competitive scrap industry, Norsk Fiskeriretur As from Norway has proved itself in the scrap business by supplying their scraps to buyers at promising quality and standard costs. And the much more worthy information is that it has built up a new association with RIM to go a long way far in its business.

About Norsk Fiskeriretur As:

Norsk Fiskeriretur As, a famous plastic scrap trading company from Bodo, Nordland in Norway has recently joined which is a leading universal scrap portal as an ultimate member. More details and offers of Norsk Fiskeriretur at