You Can Now Start the Day Out Right With a Laugh

Funny Quotes ( is proud to help everyone and anyone start their day out right every day: with a laugh.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – {31.8.2011} - Funny Quotes ( is proud to help everyone and anyone start their day out right every day: with a laugh. 1 - Funny quotes is a website that it dedicated to helping people get a good laugh every day, lightening the load of those who are busy, may be stressed, sick, or just in need of a laugh. As has always been said, laughter really is the best medicine.

Many of us go through the daily grind needing a laugh and waiting for it to come to us. Other times we are in need of a laugh and we don’t even know it because we are so stressed. You can stop waiting and you can take a quick time out from your crazy day to have a laugh by visiting one website. Once you know where the laughter and lightness can be found, you will find that you visit every day. Not only will it put a smile on your face, you can spread the laughter and be someone who always makes those around you feel better.

Not sure if 1 - Funny Quotes could make you laugh or what it is really all about? 1 Funny Quotes describes the fun that they offer, “ exists to tickle your funny bone, giving you a healthy dose of snorting and snickering to brighten your day. With our funny quotes of all kinds from guffaw-worthy funny life quotes to side-splitting funny jokes we'll have you rolling on the floor of your cubicle with concerned coworkers looking on.”

Sometimes when you are going through the daily grind and you feel you don’t have anything to smile about, it would be great to have a place to go where you can get a smile. Whether it’s during a stand still commute to and from work, while waiting for a doctor appointment, after a stressful meeting, or while waiting for the kids to get off the bus, a silly joke or quote is always a great option.

There are many funny quote websites on the internet today. 1 - Funny Quotes tries to go above and beyond by providing several funny quotes per day. The site will also often offer clean jokes that can be told at work or among friends without the risk of offending anyone. With so many options for fun, you may be able to visit the site several times a day for the laughter that you need, or for new material that can be shared with those around you who could benefit from a smile or a bit of laughter.

If you are in need of a good laugh or know someone who is, or would just like to infuse your daily life with a bit of laughter and smiles, visiting the website is all that needs to be done. New quotes are being added daily, so there is always something there to enjoy!

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