Flexshield, leaders in noise control with acoustic doors and more

Flexshield is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of acoustic doors, including PVC curtains nationwide in Australia.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – Flexshield is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial acoustic and soundproofing products. Since its beginnings in 2003 the company has gained a reputation as a leader in the noise control industry. The Flexshield range of noise control solutions includes acoustic doors, acoustic fire proof doors and sound proof doors for workshops, factories and mines.

Standard acoustic doors and sound proof doors from Flexshield are designed in either swinging or sliding styles. Standard doors may be fitted with security and safety features such as burglar-proof locks, panic bars and peep holes according to the user’s requirements. Doors are pre-painted in the factory, and are ready for use immediately after installation.

Assemblies for acoustic and soundproof doors have been designed to withstand intensive use over a long service life; they have heavy sheet metal facings and strong rigid frames, and their tight seals effectively block leakage of noise, cold and wind. Customised acoustic and sound proof doors can be designed and built for locations where there are space restrictions or where a building has specific noise insulation needs that are not catered for by standard door styles.

While the most common types of sound proof solutions are rigid metal doors in either swinging or sliding styles, Flexshield also manufactures sound proof flexible doors and pvc strip curtains. Flexible pvc soundproof doors are both tough and lightweight, constructed from high grade pvc material in metal framing. Aluminium is the standard framing material, and stainless steel is used as an alternative to aluminium in locations where corrosion is an issue. Flexible pvc soundproof doors have excellent sound insulation qualities while providing ready access by personnel and equipment such as forklift trucks and hand pump trucks. Soundproof strip curtain doors also provide good noise control and easy access and the clear pvc strips allow optimum visibility.

When considering acoustic and sound proof doors many Flexshield clients make use of the company’s consultancy service. After measuring noise levels and assessing a client’s requirements, an expert consultant is able to recommend the most effective noise control solution for an industrial site.

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