Music Marketing Company Reaches Out To Indie Labels

Music Marketing Company now provides marketing services to independent labels

Online PR News – 01-September-2011 – – Launched in December 2010, Paina B Music Marketing (formerly Paina B Entertainment Marketing) developed to promote Artists, Songwriters, and Producers is now adding Independent labels to its servicing roster. Although many Independent Labels conduct marketing activities in house, Paina B offers to take all Marketing development for talent rosters in its company’s hands to provide quality marketing to promote their talent to the next level.

This new launch will allow Indie labels to focus more on gaining and developing new/existing talent. Independent Labels are often overlooked due to the lack of funding, resources, and exposure to mainstream media and consumers. “Some of the best talent is signed to and developed under the wings of an indie label.” says CEO E. Alexcina Brown, MBA. “It’s important that Paina B offers services to these labels so that they can mainly focus on nurturing and developing their talent.”

Paina B is not looking to change the entire marketing structure that is already established within a potential Independent Label partner but to enhance and determine ways to gain their roster of talent the needed exposure to expand their fan base and capture the attention of distribution channels and media. Non-exclusive contracts will be offered to interested indie labels as well as flexible options to work with the entire labels or individual acts/projects. Paina B Music Marketing is excited and ready to take quality music to the next level.

Paina B Music Marketing (formerly Paina B Entertainment Marketing) is based out of Atlanta, GA which works to develop marketing strategies for its talent within the music industry. Founded in 2009, Paina B now serves as a marketing provider for its clientele to have their works promoted to gain exposure of existing/potential fans, labels, and media.

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