Dr Tim Reveals The Answer To The Question “Threw My Back Out“ How Do I Fix It?

Individuals that have thrown their back out, can fix it by trying some simple stretching exercises and instant first aid

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – When the back hurts there is nothing more important than getting the best back pain cure. Whether it is in the lower or the upper part of the back, it is difficult to get relief from back pain. Though prevention is the very best cure for back pain, most people tend to need help avoiding the back pain cause.

For those who have thrown their back out, there are a few back pain solutions that can give them temporary relief . When individuals throw their back out, they do not literally throw it out, but it is an expression for a sudden and severe pain in the back, and as a result it feels that some part of the backbone has moved. This sudden pain is caused due to stress in the spinal joints when a person either bends forward or twists the body.

Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose this condition, yet the back pain cure for "threw my back out" is the same as any other back pain condition. There are different therapies including first aid which can be given such as ice application within the first 48 hours of injury or back pain. This can be an instant cure for back pain. Similarly, some positions such as lying on the back with a pillow under the knees give great relief to the muscles and can control the pain.

Once the pain decreases one should start with some stretching exercises by lifting up one’s knees, one at a time, to the chest level. The focus should be on maintaining the correct posture and making slow movements so that the back pain can be corrected. This stretching exercise can help in relaxing the tightened muscles. This is a temporary relief for the pains arising out of muscle imbalance.

There are other back pain solutions such as chiropractic that can help soothe the pain as well as get one’s back in. Similarly, massages and physical therapy can also be effective for lower back pain.

Last but not the least, if the pain persists, one should find out the right cause of the back pain by talking to a physician.

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