Working Out For Your Body Type (For All the Skinny Guys)

We all have different body types, and if you're a small guy trying to get healthier and stronger, well you have to focus on a different workout routine. For those always thinner guys make sure you know the essential points for your body, or else you'll never get the muscle you're looking for.

Online PR News – 30-August-2011 – – I hope you're day's been great, and now I want to make it even better.
Giving a shout out to all the guys feeling perhaps a little too skinny, or to all the guys that had to build up their body from thin bones and thinner muscles, here's essential info that will get you actually packing muscle. This will also be useful for those trying to maintain their body, especially if you started out skinny. Since fitness is what I am about, I thought I should help out the guys always feeling like the underdog because of their size.

It's about your body type, there are three basic body types if you guys remember what we learned in gym class: endomorph (round and short), ectomorph (tall and skinny), and mesomorph (in between, medium build and medium height).

If you're an ectomorph trying to get thicker, or once was an ectomorph trying to stay thicker well Dan Merrell wrote an article on how you need a workout routine specific for your body type. He advises on some different methods than what most of us are used to:

"If you would classify yourself as a “hardgainer” or “ectomorph” (otherwise known as a skinny guy), it’s vital that you put together a specific ectomorph workout that is going to get you the results you’re looking for. By far, the single biggest reason why most skinny guys never see the results they’re looking for is simply because they don’t have the right workout plan in place for their body. There is a huge difference between what it takes an average male to build muscle and what it takes you, the skinny guy. The minute you get this through your head and stop looking at all the newsstand magazine workouts is the minute you finally start moving in the right direction to success. Until then, you’re just going to continue to spin your wheels in the gym and you may in fact get even thinner than you are now.
By understanding what must be in place in a proper ectomorph workout however, you can finally begin to get the body that you’re dreaming of.

Let’s give you the low-down on a proper ectomorph workout.

Low Volume
For most guys, the general approach to building muscle goes something along the lines of ‘the more, the better’. They think if they do one exercise for biceps, two will be better. If they perform three sets of squats, six will yield faster results.
But for you, the skinny guy, volume is your enemy. Due to your natural body type and your ultra-fast metabolic rate, the more volume you do, the more time you’re going to need to recover. It would literally take you a week or longer to recover from the typical bodybuilding workout you find in most muscle building magazines.
So your goal for your workouts is to significantly cut the volume. Basically, get in, go hard, get out. That should be your mantra. Lower volume means performing 4-6 exercises per workout, and doing 3-4 sets per exercise.

High Intensity
Now with this reduced volume, you really want to keep the intensity up. This is also one of the keys to your success. If you go into the gym and perform 5 exercises where you put in a mediocre effort, you won’t see any progress.
You really need to push yourself. This is part of that ‘get in, go hard’ mantra. If the ‘go hard’ is missing, you might maintain your muscle, but you won’t build more muscle.
High intensity for you means lifting as heavy of a weight as possible. You’ll want to keep the rep ranges on the lower end of the scale, close to 5-8 reps per set and make sure that you’re lifting a weight that will have you fully fatigued by the time you reach your last rep.

Smart Exercise Selection
This is what will ensure that you’re able to hit every single muscle group in the body effectively and still maintain that 4-6 exercises per session range.
Smart choices include squats, deadlifts, the leg press, step-ups, lunges, bench press, incline bench press, push-ups, shoulder press, bent over rows, horizontal rows, and pull-ups.
Choose your exercises from this list only and you’ll start packing on more muscle mass pretty fast.

Let’s Talk About Cardio Volume
If you’re in the gym performing cardio, you’re not only decreasing your recovery rate (which is already lower than normal), but you’re also burning up precious calories that could have gone towards building muscle mass.
You can do one or two 20-minute sessions per week just to keep your heart healthy but keep this to a brisk walk only. Nothing more intense as it will simply work against you.
So there you have the must-know tips for designing an ectomorph workout. If you make sure that you get these in place then you can finally start seeing the progress from your workouts in the build of a more muscular body."

Since ectomorphs are meant to act lean, I think recognizing less cardio for your routine is very important. I expect some of you are already scratching out that extra cardio time in the morning, do some lunges instead, they'll use more of your body. That make sense?
Make sure when changing you're routine to suit your body that check to make sure to do the low volume criteria. I focus on this point especially because as a community, we bodybuilders have the mental thought of "no pain, no gain". I'm sure you can take the pain, but if it doesn't help you towards you're goal, drop the macho act. Leave it for the amateurs. I write only to those serious about building themselves better, and I know since you're reading this I don't have to tell you to go and work for your body.

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