Just Released by Power Publishers - The Last Wisdom by Shashi Kumar: A Path Towards Salvation

Depressed? Frustrated? Don’t know what to do? Or determined to end the miserable life? The Last Wisdom by Shashi Kumar provides a ray of hope not only to the overt-pessimists but also to the common human beings with common love, lust and libido.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – Apparently pessimistic in approach The Last Wisdom can be categorized into the “… happily lived ever after” genre. As the novel proceeds the character of the protagonist Kumar develops from a sore loser to a more mature individual. The Last Wisdom is a story of a young man Kumar and his journey towards enlightenment.

Depressed and miserable, Kumar hits the rock bottom of his life, fails to woo the lady he loves and lives in constant fear of further failure.

Tired of trying to love and be loved he attempts to conquer his fears. But failure remains his constant companion. After having tried all means to turn the course of his life he finally gives up and decides to end his life. He wrongly believes it to be the only way to salvation. He takes a journey to visit the sacred city of Kashi, where he plans a final homage to the Gods and drown himself in the Holy Ganges.

A moment before his ultimate act, his life takes an unexpected turn…

The Last Wisdom is not just Kumar’s story, it interposes some basic characteristics of human life which we may already know, but have taken lightly. Some of the basic things in life are the most overlooked. Shashi Kumar’s deep insight into human nature helps him in making Kumar a believable, flesh and blood character. Hence the reader is able to identify with him.

As a student of Advaita, Shashi Kumar has developed a great respect for the human soul which is clearly reflected in his work. The novel is a source of bliss to the depressed and exhausted individuals. The novel will make its readers realize that there is no dearth of opportunities in life and one must accept them as they come. So, if you are depressed, suffering psychological pain, tired of all the things the world has to offer and seeking salvation this is a must read.

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Book: The Last Wisdom
Author: Shashi Kumar
Price: Rs. 175
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-93-81205-36-5
Language: English