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One of the most informative and vibrant blog about dating Ukrainian women ( is currently celebrating its first year anniversary. This blog will tell you all about Ukrainian women.

Online PR News – 31-August-2011 – – The posts on are very well written and describe their lifestyle, their culture, their thinking and how it evolves. The blog delves into what Ukrainian women like or don't like etc. Dating women can be tricky if you are not familiar with their culture differences, surrounding environment or lifestyle. This blog is designed to make all of that easier for you.

This blog unravels some of mystery around what Ukrainian women want from life and dating in general. Some of the blog post provide insight into what kind of men Ukrainian women would like to date and some of their experiences. If you are wondering what kind of gifts to give to Ukrainian women, this blog will help you. If you have questions on long distance relationship, you would get some of your questions answered on this blog as well. This blog also has reviews on some of the dating sites that would be useful to read and understand.

This Ukrainian Dating Blog was founded by Krystyna. Krystyna lives in Germany since 2002, however she was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She has a masters degree from Goethe University of Frankfurt. Krystyna also has a variety of interest such as Sociolinguistics, Gender Studies, Foreign Languages and Cultures, and intercultural relationships and dating.

Krystyna is your best personal dating coach on the internet as far as Ukraine women are concerned. She started this blog since she has a passion for helping people and she has a deep understanding of Ukraine womens' psychology. She provides great tips and coaching on how to understand Ukrainian women which should help men in dating them. As we all know dating women becomes so much easier from the start if we understand them.

Krystyna is very motivated to help out those that are interested in dating Ukrainian women. She is also working to publish an ebook from her experiences as an expert on Ukrainian women. In addition to her prior understanding of Ukrainian women, she has also gained experience from her blog on this very topic.

In addition to her knowledge she has learnt a lot from visitors to her blog and their views and assertions and experiences. It is this collective knowledge and experience that she wants to put together in an ebook format for the benefits of those men who are interested in dating Ukrainian women.

Krystyna wants to help these men start off on the right foot in their dating experience. This ebook will certainly make the dating as well as relationships easier for these men.

Krystyna Trushyna, an expert on Ukrainian women and dating, provides useful advice and tips about Ukrainian dating, women, their lifestyle, culture and menthality. is your personal dating coach on how to understand of Ukrainian womens' psychology and to make dating with ladies from Ukraine easier for Western men.