Bahamas Tour Operator, Best On Bahamas, Offers New Lower Prices On Freeport Dolphin Encounter

For a limited time, premier Bahamas tour operator, Best On Bahamas, is offering reduced pricing on one of its most popular tour packages. Guests now pay only $75 per adult for the firm's Freeport Dolphin Encounter experience.

Online PR News – 27-May-2009 – – FREEPORT, BAHAMAS - Popular Bahamas tour operator, Best On Bahamas, recently announced that it has lowered prices on its Freeport Dolphin Encounter experience. As one of the most popular Freeport, Bahamas activities, the firm's Dolphin Encounter tour allows guests to get up close and personal with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. With the new reduced pricing, guests pay only $75 per adult for this once in a lifetime experience.

Departing from Port Lucaya Marina, guests embark on a short 20-minute ride to the Dolphin Sanctuary. Once there, guests can choose to interact with the dolphins as much as they are comfortable. They can sit on the dock in the seaside lagoon, letting the intelligent marine mammals swim around them, or for a more adventuresome experience, guests can venture into waist-deep water to the dolphin encounter platform. Here, visitors can get hands on interaction, or even lips-on action if they care to steal a smooch, with the gentle, playful dolphins.

The lagoon's shallow water offers guests the ideal experience, as they can comfortably stand throughout the entire encounter. With the use of the platform, even children can be introduced to these sweet-tempered mammals, although an adult must accompany children under 16.

"At Best On Bahamas, we pride ourselves in helping guests experience the vacation of a lifetime. Our swim with dolphins Bahamas tour package is one of our best selling excursions. From the beautiful boat ride, to the private lagoon experience in the dolphin sanctuary, guests enjoy every moment of this exceptional tour. Now with our new reduced pricing, even more people will have the chance to experience this amazing encounter," says Chris Gardner of Best On Bahamas.

In addition to interacting with the dolphins, guests on the Freeport Dolphin Encounter tour also enjoy a full educational presentation on dolphin biology and behavior, giving them a better understanding of these intelligent animals. To complete the tour, expert trainers are available to teach guests how to effectively direct the dolphins to perform unbelievable aerobatic tricks, including tail stands, jumps and flips. The trainers also ensure that each guest is given ample time to personally experience and enjoy these sociable marine creatures.

Best On Bahamas offers a variety of premier tour packages in addition to the Freeport Dolphin Encounter. From adventuresome activities such as parasailing and jet ski tours to more laid back eco tours and native shows, Best On Bahamas helps visitors craft amazing vacation experiences.

"The Bahamas are simply one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From the white sandy beaches to the abundant marine life, the islands have a little something for everyone to enjoy. Best On Bahamas is proud to offers such an expansive tour selection to help guests create the most memorable vacation experiences possible," says Gardner.

About Best On Bahamas:
Best On Bahamas is a premier Bahamas tour operator offering action-packed adventures, including special swim with dolphins Bahamas excursions. Whether you're looking to snorkel or just relax on the beautiful beaches, the firm excels at helping guests enjoy all of the Freeport, Bahamas activities that the world-renowned tropical paradise offers.

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