Google Caffeine Update ‘Under Hood’ Partial Launch Completed

Irbtrax SEO concludes Google Caffeine has already implemented many of their 'under the hood' enhancements. So we can soon expect the 'real time' search features to become fully implemented.

Online PR News – 04-January-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax has concluded based on recent studies that many of Googles 'under the hood' enhancements have already been implemented. The initial results for companies and websites that are following recommended Caffeine related SEO Internet Marketing practices has been very positive. Irbtrax is hopeful many more companies that depend on the Internet for their prosperity will likewise get on board.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"We've recently witnessed significant Google ranking changes to some websites. Additionally, we've seen SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) for the exact same keyword phrases return better quality queries in the past few weeks. Lastly, the search times have been reduced. Albeit, by only fractions of a second. However, those fractions mean a lot to Google and it's users."

Irbtrax points out that faster searches, even mere milliseconds, when multiplied by billions of searches spare Google resources and allow super searchers to do a couple additional searches a month.

Irbtrax recommends that every business dependent on the Internet for their success invest time getting acquainted with Caffeine. Sooner rather than later. To this end Irbtrax has been sending out carefully planned press releases for the past several weeks. Some of them can be viewed here:

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Irbtrax founder Scott Moir says it's only a matter of time now before we begin to see Google implement 'real time' search features like live Twitter feeds and other Social media enhancements. Which are expected to create a new SoMed frenzy. Which Irbtrax will be covering in its next release.

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