Nevada Small Business Owners Have a New Payroll Option: Patriot PAY

Nevada small business owners can take advantage of new cloud-based payroll software with Patriot PAY, offered by Patriot Software, Inc.

Online PR News – 30-August-2011 – – Patriot Software is now offering Nevada employers a new payroll alternative with Patriot PAY online payroll software. Designed exclusively for American small business owners, Patriot PAY is part of the movement to cloud-based software -- software that is available as a service (SaaS) through the Internet. Nevada is one of 24 states now approved for Patriot PAY.

Patriot PAY is designed for quick, easy-to-run payroll. Within minutes, employers can log in to the secure website, enter their payroll data, and finish. For payroll processing, the choice is theirs: they can print or hand-write paychecks or offer direct deposit, online banking, or pay cards to their employees. They can modify their payroll settings anytime and add any amount of deductions and contributions to fit the needs of their business.

Unlike other payroll processing methods, employers can run unlimited payroll anytime or anywhere they have Internet access. Nevada business owners can run payroll whether they’re traveling from Reno, working from home in Elko, or spending a weekend in Las Vegas.

With Patriot PAY, business owners don’t have to worry about installing or downloading updates. The software recognizes each state’s unique tax structure and automatically adjusts for changes at the local, state, or federal levels. In fact, payroll tax calculations with Patriot PAY are guaranteed to be correct.

And, employers don’t need to be payroll or computer experts to use Patriot PAY. A thoughtful design as well as helpful hints, training articles, and videos make Patriot PAY easy for all users to navigate. If they need further help, customers can email or call customer support and ask routine questions at no extra charge.

Patriot Software also offers add-ons that make running payroll even easier. MY Patriot is a secure employee self-serve (ESS) website that allows employees to manage their own personal and banking information and view their paychecks -- the perfect companion to direct deposit. TaxBeGone is a payroll tax filing and depositing service exclusively for Patriot PAY customers. With this optional service, customers don’t have to recall payroll tax deadlines, and payroll taxes are deducted directly from their bank account and paid on time -- guaranteed.

Patriot PAY is affordable for small business owners. Access to Patriot PAY starts at just $10 monthly and is scaled according to the size of the business (for up to 50 employees.) Customers have several ways to try out the payroll software for free: a walk-through with a customer service representative, a 48-hour test drive of sample payroll data, or a no-obligation trial of all software features. Customers can also add on services or cancel anytime with no hassles.

About Patriot Software, Inc.

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