Video Online Advertising Website Launches - New Resource for Businesses

A new website is now giving advice for online and offline businesses. Video promotion is now used by millions of businesses, organisations and individuals. This new website could be a big help for many of them.

Online PR News – 02-September-2011 – – One of the best ways to highlight your business online is to use video advertising. Well you might want to take a look at this new resource. It’s a website called www. and it could well help you with getting your business noticed online. Video is now the most effective way of making your business visible to as many people on the internet as possible. You only have to look at how youtube has expanded in the last few years. You can produce your own youtube advertising video. After visiting this site I realised that the content was aimed at helping businesses make their best advertising video. At the moment, the site is a bit low on content, but it is my understanding that this is going to be addressed in the near future, although the present content is of good quality.

The site has been launched by Mike Burton of video online advertising, an internet marketer who has a wealth of experience in industry. When asked about the launch Mike said “ I’ve worked extremely hard on this and my aim is to help mainly small online and offline businesses and individuals, although this will be of use to larger businesses”.

Mike Burton now lives in Bristol in the UK and has experience of helping businesses in the UK, Holland, France and Gibralter.

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