Leading Audio/Video Retailer to open A New Home in the Chelsea Section of Manhattan

Sound by Singer, ltd., bringing the finest equipment that high-end audio and video has to offer, is opening a brand new showroom to meet customer demand.

Online PR News – 29-August-2011 – New York, New York – Since Andrew Singer, owner of Sound by Singer (www.soundbysinger.com), closed his East 16th St showroom in New York, NY, he has been offering an online high-end audio buying experience like no other. After opening a successful private listening studio on Broadway and 25th St., in Manhattan, to meet customer requests, he is once again responding to public needs by announcing the planned opening of a new and exciting showroom.

“Sound by Singer has been dedicated to serving music lovers in the New York City area by consistently bringing them the finest high-end audio equipment available,” says Singer. “Now we’re responding to public demand by opening a new showroom at 242 West 27th Street.”

According to Singer, the new 2000-square-foot second floor location will be divided into three spacious and comfortable listening rooms and will feature the finest collection of high-end audio equipment anywhere.

“Now, in addition to our Sound by Singer website, a virtual audio showroom where you can read up on the latest offerings from the vendors that we proudly represent,” Singer explains, “customers will once again have the opportunity to audition our high-end audio systems in a serene environment, without the distractions found in a busy audio retail store.”

The difference between the Sound by Singer experience, whether online or its previous and future brick and motor locations, is that every customer gets personalized attention. Sound by Singer relies on consultation and recommendation, bringing 32 years of experience and unparalleled expertise to help its clients select the system that is right for them, which is why you will never find a point and click shopping cart on their website.

“It makes no sense to expect a client to pick a component off a list without the hands-on experience needed to determine whether it will properly integrate into their system,” says Singer. “Fortunately, we have that experience.”

An expert in hi-end audio/video equipment, Singer has made a name for himself by bridging the gap between the uninitiated buyer and the equipment. Recognizing that consumers are anxious to invest in top-of-the-line audio/video products but often don’t know where to begin, Singer’s intimate knowledge of quality audio and video equipment, as well as the respect he has earned from the industry’s leading manufacturers, strives to fill that need.

According to Singer, the new showroom will offer convenient and flexible hours of operation, continued “demonstration by appointment” offering the individual attention synonymous with the company, and a terrific location close to public transportation.

Stay tuned to the Sound by Singer website (www.soundbysinger.com) for more details. In the meantime, to schedule an appointment to sample some of the high-end equipment that Singer has to offer, call 212-924-8600 or email asinger@soundbysinger.com.

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