iPhone 5 launch on Penny Auction Smokoo

The first iPhone 5 went on auction recently by the hit penny auction site, Smokoo

Online PR News – 30-August-2011 – – When it comes to being ahead of the game, Smokoo leads the way. The company’s bold marketing team created a competition for Smokoo’s Facebook fans whereby the winner gets a flight to New York City to pick their very own iPhone 5. Once the iPhone 5 is released of course.

Everyone that has a Facebook account is welcome to enter. Participants must be 18 years or older and own a raincoat in the wake of hurricane Irene. People wishing to enter must go to Smokoo’s Facebook page and click on the event tab. Once on the event, participants must follow a few steps as instructed on the page.

This is one of the first iPhone 5 competitions to explode onto the net and by far the most exciting. The winner of the competition gets a flight to NYC and an iPhone 5 from the famous Apple store on Fifth Avenue. The Fifth Avenue Apple store is one of the most beautifully designed Apple stores around the globe. Famous artists like Regina Spektor grace the store with songs and ballads giving the store an almost cult status.

The first iPhone 5 went on auction recently by the hit penny auction site, Smokoo. Not everyone understood why the company would auction off an item not yet available to the public. One of Smokoo’s founders, Li Jian explained that the innovative auction model and the trusted relationship the company has with their customers, allows them to auction products close to the release date and ship them upon delivery. The company did the same with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.

Around the time the company launched their Facebook fan page they ran an iPhone 4 competition. The problem with competitions that sound too good to be true, is they usually are. With the exception of competitions run by Smokoo that is. Facebook fans who decided not to enter the iPhone 4 competition kicked themselves after the winner was announced and the handover pics appeared on the page.

This time around it’s a different story. People are flocking on to Smokoo’s Facebook fan page and attending the event. The event is a once in a lifetime chance to get an iPhone 5 and visit the Big Apple at the same time.