How To Study The Bible And Win $100

New website sponsors a trivia game to learn about the Bible, and offers a $100 cash prize.

Online PR News – 29-August-2011 – – Biblical study site has made it known that it is now ready to start serving the world wide web's public. Up til now the website has "lain fallow", says the site's maker, Pastor Red Baxter, while he necessarily worked on other doings.

The site's thrust is to teach people how to study the Bible. A unique tool offered to scriptural students is the website's "Bible Trivia Contest", wherein anyone is allowed to compete, but modest donors are able to win a $100 cash prize.

The donations, by players competing for the cash prize, are put to use to support the development of a society called the "Tru U. Bible Brotherhood". It is known as the "Tru U." for short. The reason for the Tru U. is to set up scripture teaching meetings in homes, everywhere in our fatherland.

Associates of the Tru U. Bible Brotherhood will become scripturally knowledgeable counselors, in community centers referred to as "Bible Fixit Hubs".

Pastor Red Baxter says that he is a priest, or elder, of the order of Paul. In other words his authority is from direct revelation, rather than from the seminaries of the world order, which have, in the last few hundred years, separated themselves from reality, said Pastor Baxter.

The trivia competitions are held in a chat room. Questions are entered by the staff. Whoever fastest enters the right response gets the point. The competition ends, when one donor-player gains a 4-point lead above his next competitor, who is also a donor. The front-runner is sent their $100 prize immediately, as soon as the competition is finished.

Http:// is an action-oriented website. There is a page about destroying idols, and a page about how to identify the descendants of Ammon and Moab in today's present reality, and how the holy Bible says to behave toward them. In addition to those web pages, you will find too a web page on "How To Study The Bible".

Obviously, if you want to view the website for yourself, even participate for free in the trivia contest, the URL is .