Voicebuy Announces New Owner

Voicebuy is owned and operated by Lisvex Inc., an international wholesale VoIP carrier founded in 2005.

Voicebuy was created mainly to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small and medium-sized VoIP providers.

Online PR News – 29-August-2011 – – Due to the increasing rate of high-speed Internet access, a growing number of companies and private users are starting to use internet connection as means to make phone calls. As it was already said, this technology is called "Voice IP-based” (VoIP).
All phone system in the world are using a microphone for converting sound waves into electrical ones and a speaker to convert electrical signals back into sound at the other end of the line. But VoIP technology used to connect a microphone and speaker has been greatly improved over the past 125 years. Earlier systems were combining microphone directly with a loudspeaker through a copper wire. In 1970, the company AT&T used the first systems that could transmit many phone calls on a single wire, converting each phone call to the digital data stream. VoIP systems have continued this evolution by taking independent digital data, compressing them, breaking the flows into data packets and sending the packets over the Internet.
Naturally, during the acquisition this process was going in the opposite direction.
VoIP system gives an opportunity for two people to talk to each other using headsets and microphones, connected to their computers. As an alternative, can be used VoIP-Adapter to translate audio signals into standard analog telephone internet packages. VoIP Gateways combine online systems with the public telephone network (PSTN). As a rule, the use of these gateways - are paid. The company Voicebuy (http://www.voicebuy.com ) sells its customers a package that includes VoIP-adapter and the possibility of using VoIP gateway of our company that gives the customers of our company the illusion of using a regular phone, with the only difference that they need to connect the adapter of Voicebuy to a cable modem or home network, rather than to a pair of wires leading to the central office of telephone
In order to improve our system and make our clients more pleased we have done some changes: we are pleased to announce our new owner USA based company Voice Trader LLC that has full ownership of Voicebuy. It should be recalled that previously Voicebuy was owned and operated by Lisvex Inc., an international wholesale VoIP carrier founded in 2005.
Voice Trader LLC systematically does some improvements in its system for providing high quality services to its customer. Being the owner of Voicebuy, Voice Trader LLC takes upon itself to please both individuals and businesses using VoIP services of Voicebuy VoIP provider.
The further steps of our owner will be to develop and expand Voicebuy’s work efficiency on a professional level.
Voicebuy guarantees cost effective and efficient technology solutions for individuals and businesses.