Fresh Innovation in Hair Styling Essentials The Paris Hilton Celebrity Styler Revolutionary for 2010

This is announcing the newest beauty product that Paris Hilton has released called the Celebrity Styler and how it has revolutionized the concept of a flat iron and curling iron into a single unit that is easily used, has innovated technologies, and is so versatile it can work with any hair type.

Online PR News – 04-January-2010 – – Paris Hilton one of the most renowned celebrity faces in tinsel town has developed a hair styling tool that is beyond the answer to everyone’s hair styling woes. It is a premium quality hair straightener, curling iron, and brush combined for achieving the results of ultimate styling performance.

Paris Hilton has strategically enveloped this single concept of a hair styling device to provide individuals with a simple, inexpensive means to style their hair. Especially those who want to establish a no-fuss routine for having fabulous looking hair. The celebrity styler simplifies it’s use with its patented technology and innovative design.

Up until now, an individual would have the incessant hassles of changing one type of iron fixture to another, however with the celebrity styler one can simply use any of it’s features conveniently. Any other haphazard styling tool would not offer this simple yet valuable convenience. Most would spend and waste their money on stylers or flat irons that would not work easily or produce the optimum results desired. In addition, the elements and quality of the celebrity styler are beyond any standards that other products similar present.

The celebrity styler is well-equipped with the newest breakthroughs in styling technology. It consists of a ceramic tourmaline plate that is reputable for distributing heat evenly without the result of damage to hair. This flat iron-curling iron combination supplies absolute versatility for an individual of any hair type to utilize. The rotating curling barrel is cutting edge for gliding the hair strands between the brush fixture and the heating plate.

Another exquisite piece of technology put into the celebrity styler by Paris Hilton of the digital control panel that displays the temperature and settings of the iron. It has the capabilities of a temperature range from 210-450 degrees for personal preference and designated purpose. One of the best features of this styler is that is includes an automatic shut-off mechanism that will turn the styler off when not in use. This makes it outstanding for just the mere peace of mind, however the performance of the celebrity styler is what makes it exceptional.

Once an individual uses the celebrity styler they will just absolutely love it. They will realize all that they have missed out on by using mediocre styling essentials. It will take them less time to style their hair, and by word of mouth this styling iron is destined to become more popular than it already is. It is one of those trends that are expected to stick- long term. Paris Hilton has revolutionized the simple flat iron and brought it to a new level, and the celeb styler’s competition is diminishing by the minute.

Consumers have been begging for a product such as the celebrity styler to make their life simpler, and to give them the abilities to style their own hair and look like they have paid hundreds to obtain the style they are wearing. As Paris Hilton stated “ There is a new celebrity stylist in town, but you do not need an appointment to get your hair styled like a celebrity.” All an individual needs is to have the celebrity styler to accomplish their perfect hairdo.

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