Diego Antolini Speaks From Assisi For Peace Planetary Webtv

The Italian Actor and Writer reveals what's behind "The Mission of Francesco" documentary and introduces the Peace Gardens vision

Online PR News – 29-August-2011 – – Diego Antolini has recently spoken from the Assisi for Peace Tv Planetary WebTv about the Miniseries "The Mission of Francesco" he has written for the Internet and the Tv circuits.
The Documentary's distribution, as Diego outlined, is crucial to the setting up of a broader project, involving the development of the Franciscan Area in Umbria, and the rise of the first Peace Garden in the world.

Francesco's Pathway, which stretches along the Umbrian territory from Spoleto (city where Francesco was first touched by his spiritual mission) to Mount Verna (place of his last vision of the Seraphin), passing through Assisi, Valfabbrica,
It's in Valfabbrica, a small village set on the ridge of sweet hills, that Francesco fled after abandoning his family and his wealth; and it's in Valfabbrica that the first Peace Garden in the world will rise.

Charlene Imperatrice, the woman behind the concept of the Gardens, met with Diego few months ago in Nevada and the two found an immediate affinity with their vision of Peace, dialogue among the nations, and development of a culture of respect and understanding for cultures and religions in the world.
These were the foundation of the project Diego has introduced on the Planetary WebTv, a communicative network system for spreading the key principles for a new rise of social and human consciousness, as per initiative of Honorary President of Assisi for Peace TV, Gianmario Gubbiotti.

Diego is working in parallel with director Stefano Torrese to prepare for the shooting of "The Mission of Francesco", and with Charlene to make her vision of Peace Garden a tangible reality.

On a second intervention, Diego highlighted the fact that only a cooperation of people, who share the same view for the message of Peace and open dialogue, can make the project successful.
In particular, the Italian-American communities in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, New York City, and Chicago were addressed and called upon for any kind of support, from ideal collaboration to economical aids.

"In this time of Darkness - said Diego - there are people who bring light. We need these people, we need you, to make our vision true and real, and change the world"

More to come from the Planetary WebTv on assisiforpeacetv.com