Flux Scheduler Innovates with Granular Access Control for Its Operation Console

Version 7.11 of Flux, a proven leader in sophisticated job scheduling, managed file transfer, automated dataflows, and ETL automation, was released today and is now generally available.

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LAS VEGAS, United States — Monday, 23 May 2011

Version 7.11 of Flux, a proven leader in sophisticated job scheduling, managed file transfer, automated dataflows, and ETL automation, was released today and is now generally available.

For over a decade, Flux has enhanced the feature set well beyond job scheduling. IT staffs and developers around the world trust the suite of easy-to-use tools and advanced capabilities to gain efficiencies and expedite IT objectives.

Always integration-friendly with web services through a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Flux has remained highly scalable and now boasts updated features to a comprehensive cross-platform workload automation solution. Schedule and automate various applications, databases, and technologies, including virtualized machines and services in the cloud.

Building on Flux strengths, 7.11 adds several new features including:

Overall Ease of Use — From a single point of control, design, deploy, and track your jobs and workflows using a drag-and-drop visual interface, right in your web browser.

Enhanced Security and Control — With the web-based Flux Operations Console, you can watch over and monitor all your jobs, workflows, and file transfers with a single point of control. Version 7.11 adds granular user access controls to govern assigned tasks for staff. Set privileges and customize tabs to increase security and efficiency.

Improved Promotion and Migration — Save time and reduce errors between development, QA, and production. From the Operations Console, copy configurations and workflows for simple migration and promotion between instances and environments.

RESTful Web Services API Adds Interface Flexibility — With web services via SOA, your business processes can communicate using a variety of networked and online services by exposing workloads as a service. You can connect to and control Flux remotely using any programming language that supports RESTful web services. Schedule a workflow in Flux from other SOA services in the cloud, like Mule ESB or Microsoft Biztalk.

* Invoke web services using SOAP or REST.
* Supports WS-Security basic authentication.
* Simplifies integration in an SOA environment.

Cognos Integration Provides End-to-End Data Warehouse Automation Solution — Integration with Flux eliminates scripting and complex integration requirements and enables Cognos to be managed as part of a reliable, comprehensive cross-platform workload automation solution. Additionally, the need to purchase the Cognos SDK is eliminated.

Edit, Configure, and Reload with Ease — Save time and reduce errors by creating and editing engine and agents configurations. Reload configurations on-the-fly and permit engines to restart with updated configurations — all from the web-based Operations Console.

Designing multiple job flows is straight forward with the flexibility to suspend jobs, structure a collection of independent jobs, and the capability to set up custom calendars. With the Audit Trail, you can run reports to determine what tasks, steps, actions, jobs, and workflows executed within a specified time frame. With the Audit Trail History feature, operators can track and time workflows to quickly identify bottlenecks and poor resource utilization.

Flux can be deployed by the customer or with help from professional services training that is available on site and online.

About Flux

Flux is a software company dedicated to advancing workload automation and managed file transfer by delivering performance, reliability, ease-of-use, and unyielding accessible customer support. First released in 2000, Flux has grown into a vital part of IT operations around the world with hundreds of customers in 35 countries.

With an emphasis on the orchestration of sophisticated job scheduling, managed file transfer, Web Services (SOA), and Java technology support, Flux delivers it all with a single point of control through a web browser. Intuitive modern interfaces bring it all together in a single browser window.

Across platforms and many industry sectors, Flux has simplified tasks surrounding workload scheduling ensuring that critical transactions are processed on time. Whether Flux is used as a powerful stand-alone workload automation solution or embedded into a larger application pushing tens of thousands of jobs, Flux solutions bring solid business value with efficiencies, precise control, and affordability.

Privately held, offices are located in Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, and Montana, all of which provide effective technical support and sales services to Flux's global customer base.

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