A New Way To Search For Small Business Loans

A new, easier way to search for business loans and working capital for your small, growing business. Quit wasting time and search for free.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Business Money Today has just completed and published a new, easier way to search for business loans and working capital for small, growing businesses.

This search function is free to use and allows business owners to quickly find capital for their businesses. You search, you compare and you select; then you can get back to work doing what you love to do.

Compare what these firms offer; their rates and other terms, then select the one your business wants to work with – it is that easy!

The firms listed are direct funders and do not pay to be listed, meaning that they cannot buy their way on to the list nor buy their placement.

The problem that this search feature seeking to mitigate is the standard problem with all search engines. You search for the term "business loan" on any of the major or minor search engines and you will see results based not on what a companies may provide (like business financing) but on companies that are either really good at search engine optimization or that have paid a really good company to do it for them.

All of which wastes your time and gets you no further than when you started your search to begin with.

Now, you can simply select some basic search criteria (no personal or company information required) then compare financing companies that offer what you want and companies that want to work with you.

If doesn’t have to be hard and this new search feature from Business Money Today keeps it that way.

Business Money Today provides information and resources regarding all types of business financing options, providing better information to business owners allowing them to make better choices in their financing decisions; better choices that could mean the difference between financial freedom and business failure.

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