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Play any of the 700+ games on http://www.sportgamesarena.com for free - enjoy sport gamers divided into 60 categories.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Playing sport games online has never been easier. SportGamesArena.com is a new sport games website and they have just passed the 700 games mark - all the games are neatly categorized based on sport types. 60 categories each with a dozen or more games means that whatever sport you're looking for is properly represented.

So what kind of sports will you be able to play on SportGamesArena? Well, you can try some of the picks from Top 20 Sports.

Baseball games - mostly popular in USA, baseball games are among the many free flash games where you can play as your favorite superstar.

Basketball Games - the international spread of the popularity of basketball means that players from all over the world enjoy these games.

Fishing games - when the weather outside is bad and you're in the mood for some fishing what do you do? You catch some monster fish online, of course.

The other 40 sport games categories cover all other types of sports. Here are some of the most played ones:

Archery Games - from stick-man archery games to Robin Hood games - they have it all here.

Billiards Games - playing billiards online is extremely popular nowadays and it makes for great practice for your real life billiards and pool games.

Paintball Games - shoot some colored balls at virtual opponents and have loads of fun without even getting dirty with multicolored paint.

Sailing Games - the new sailing games added on SportGamesArena recently have seen a lot of gameplays from international users

Sumo games - now this is a fun sport games category. Triple your weight online and show off your sumo skills in some of the free games available in this category.

Dozens of new sport games are being published each month and SportGamesArena.com is dedicated to the mission of finding these games, playing them and selecting only the best ones. So keep an eye on this website and their increasing collection of free games and never get bored when you're in front of the computer.

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