Rescue Alert Of California Gives New Life To Elderly Website

Launch of offers more insight and consumer interaction

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Rescue Alert of California announced today the launch of their new enhanced website The new website will provide a greater understanding of Rescue Alert of California’s medical alert system for seniors and users will be able to gain a greater knowledge of the products and services they have to offer. The enhanced website will instruct customers, provide advice, and offer education in order to make a more conscious decision in the purchasing of a medical alert system. Rescue Alert of California is committed to provide users with a greater customer experience and continue to be the leader in the medical alert industry.

The improvements on the new website will allow customers to receive order and product information immediately. Products can be compared in order to educate seniors on the differences and benefits of Rescue Alert of California. The simplistic design of the website will allow visitors to search both general and technical inquiries with quickness and ease in a newly customized website. Future additions will allow to continue to be progressive in the field of senior home care.

The new inclusion of advanced interactive content will allow the user to discuss experiences using the Rescue Alert of California’s products. Lindsey Brewster, owner of Rescue Alert of California, says “We are very excited to launch our new website design. Now our customers can provide feedback, make suggestions, and let us know how we can improve their service. We embraced the new technology and made our website much easier to navigate. We used customer feedback to enhance the website, made it more engaging and more user-friendly to help seniors make an educated decision on their choice of a medical alert system. The new visual esthetic is specifically tailored to the senior demographic.”

Rescue Alert of California is the premiere medical alert system provider and has designed its products and services to respond with speed, accuracy, and dependability. They have specialized in elderly emergency medical alarm services for over 20 years. These extensive years of experience, engineering, and research have brought about the highest level of senior medical care.

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