Blanket America to Go on Air on QVC on December 28 and 29

Blanket America Debuts Patchwork Heritage Collection on QVC and Today Show.

Online PR News – 03-January-2010 – – blanket america Debuts Patchwork Heritage Collection on QVC and Today Show.

Blanket America, a newly formed charity for the poor and the needy, is set to debut on QVC at 6pm December 28 and 7am as well as 2pm on December 29. The organization’s famous product, the Patchwork Heritage Quilt, will be featured on air and if sales of the comforters are good, there will be more airtime on the show in the future. Customers, supporters, and QVC viewers can take a good look at what Blanket America is all about during these schedules.

Blanket America, along with its partner Gifts in Kind International, has shown its concern and kindness to the needy through its Buy 1, Get 1 project with a goal of helping at least one million families all over the country. They are set to increasing that number once 2010 arrives with the support and help of consumers as well as companies such as and JC Penney. With the slogan, “What if the greatest economy in human history matched what it consumed with what it donated?” Blanket America is able to open the eyes and hearts of many by encouraging the people to show their support through simple different ways, one of which is donating warm blankets to families always left in the cold.

The Buy 1, Get 1 model is Blanket America’s main arm that reaches out to the many needy communities in the country. By buying Patchwork Heritage quilts, blankets are donated to needy families and Gifts in Kind has shown its utmost support by distributing the blankets personally to these poor families. Aside from this, Blanket America has created a new Facebook page and a Twitter account in order to call out to more people not only in America but also from other countries around the world. Here, people can show their support by sharing stories, experiences, and inviting more people to join in the cause. The Patchwork Heritage Quilt is also featured in these web pages.

This heritage quilt is one of the most uniquely designed quilts ever made. Following the old tradition of making statements through quilting, Blanket America has designed this patchwork quilt to spread the message of unity and kindness to every American citizen. The Patchwork Heritage Quilt is printed with the president’s address over a beautiful background, which features Lady Liberty. On the front is a combination of 13 different fabrics that represent the 13 original American colonies. It was inspired by President Barack Obama’s speech last January 20, 2009, lauding America as having a “patchwork heritage” which sparked the beginning of this cause and the birth of the organization.

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