Long Island Author Patti Ann Bengen's "SEX" Tackles Sex Trafficking

"SEX" - Is Long Island Author Patti Ann Bengen's New Book Too Hot to Handle?

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – AUGUST 24, 2011 - WADING RIVER, NY - Why is the selling of women into slavery through the sex trafficking trade a multi-billion dollar a year business? What will it take to end slavery on Earth? Are we in such denial that we cannot see this happening in our own proverbial backyard? In her fourth romantic thriller, "SEX," Long Island-based author Patti Ann Bengen leads readers on a journey they will not soon forget - and that may spur them to take action to put a stop to the sex trafficking taking place in the U.S.

The author states, "This trade is growing rapidly and faster than the narco trade since you can sell a kilo only once, but you can sell your victims over and over again until they drop. Any bump in the road is considered a minor setback, as there are more eligible, young flowers to pick from the universal garden."

Once again, this dynamic author not only sets readers' hearts in motion, but opens readers' eyes to what is going on around them. Bengen breaks through all barriers to bring readers into the deep, dark horrors of the trafficking world. She engages readers, whisking them away to a place where YIELD and STOP signs are nonexistent. Bengen takes readers on a psychological journey of deceit, abuse, cruelty, drugs, and manipulation. Can any woman escape from this bondage?

Bengen's own eyes were opened in the process of researching "SEX." "Like so many others, I did not realize that the trafficking of women was so common in the United States," she says. "I thought it was a problem that existed in other countries. As I dug deeper, I was shocked and appalled at the morbid reality that women are being trafficked right under our noses. It is happening right in our own neighborhoods."

This week's release of "SEX" coincides with an ever-increasing number of stories unfolding on the nightly news, most recently about a Brooklyn woman who was forced into prostituting herself in the trafficking trade. Bengen remarks, "It is my job as a writer to bring global issues to the attention of the public. I have found it highly effective to wrap a novel around a topic as it is brought into the spotlight."

The author feels that the public must become educated in order to protect themselves and their children. Furthermore, Bengen believes that our legal system needs to take a more definitive stand to shield the women who have been abused, who have lost all of their rights as human beings, and who have been forced into daily prostituting activities.

Bengen supports organizations such as New York's Sanctuary for Families, which offers assistance to those left behind, as well as sex trafficking and domestic violence survivors. She emphatically states, "Women held in sex trafficking are NOT prostituting themselves. These women are making no money, and are being used as slaves - SLAVES! Can you stand it... in this day and age? When is enough going to be enough?"

Bengen poses the question, "Do any of us comprehend the fact that the very next woman that is abducted could be your daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, cousin, best friend or worst enemy? Here today and gone tomorrow, without a trail to follow. How long will it be before we no longer turn a deaf ear to the cries of these trafficked women?"

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