Ram Jack of South Carolina - Offers Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

Lifetime transferrable warranty over foundation repair services is offered to registered customers by Ram Jack, the renowned American company

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Columbia, SC Ram Jack, the reputed American owned & operated company, offers lifetime transferrable warranty over foundation repair services in South Carolina and areas of Georgia & Florida. The company with over 40 years of experience in this particular industry has been serving customers with guaranteed solutions for foundation repairs.

“Foundations are susceptible to damage due to high temperatures and climatic changes, even some type of soil causes cracks in the ground which may affect the strength of the walls. Determining the root cause behind the foundation damage is key to repairing the foundation permanently. We, are a skilled team, providing high quality services for both commercial and residential applications”, says an expert from Ramjacksc.com.

The company is known for its reliability and expertise, which made the National Limited Warranty Trust available to customers so that they can feel secure that Ram Jack ( http://www.ramjacksc.com )Foundation Solutions will be available if warranty repairs ever become necessary. The Ram Jack foundation repair system uses state of the art technology and ensures excellent results and reliable performance for the lifetime of the repair.

“We offer a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty with all foundation repairs so that our customers get additional security and protection. Customers who received a Ram Jack Foundation Repair installation from a Ram Jack dealer can become eligible for enrolling themselves in the National Limited Warranty Trust”, says the professional, when commenting on the lifetime warranty offered by the company.

“A warranty with a company that goes out of business or retires after some years is worthless. No such issue will be experienced if you register with the National Warranty Trust offered by our company. Once you get a foundation repair completed by a certified participating Ram Jack dealer, you’ll be provided information about your enrollment in the National Warranty Trust”, he adds further.

Ramjacksc.com has the greatest confidence in the products they offer customers evidenced by offering the limited lifetime warranty repair. Ram Jack provides quality foundation repair services whenever customers realize foundation damage has occurred in a home or business. The company also takes pride in announcing that its products exceed the code requirements set down by the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES).

About Ram Jack of South Carolina: Ram Jack Foundation Repair is a South Carolina based company that is part of Ram Jack, inc., which was founded in 1968, and uses American made steel to produce quality products.

To know more, visit, http://www.ramjacksc.com ( http://www.ramjacksc.com ) or http://foundationrepair-sc.com ( http://foundationrepair-sc.com )