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Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Louisville, USA: Melasma treatments commonly known as the mask of pregnancy, are the discoloration of facial skin that generally affects women all over the world. The patches of discoloration in melasma have a similar appearance on both sides of the face. Though not life-threatening, women desire a proper treatment for melasma, considering the brown and mottled patches on the cheek, nose, upper lip, and forehead are a cause of great cosmetic concern to those affected. In rare cases, melasma appears on the neck and forearms of women. Although the exact cause is unknown, melasma is often associated with pregnancy, female hormones estrogen and progesterone, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, during menopause. Exposure to direct sunlight is also considered to be a strong risk factor for this skin condition, which is often seen in tropical climate regions. Other contributing factors are obesity, diet, stress, and medications used to increase hormonal levels.

In many cases, melasma heals by itself in the absence of a triggering agent. Many women have found the skin surface return to normal after the birth of the child, giving up birth control pills, or at the end of HRT. On other hand, a few women find the condition persistent and resort to additional healing melasma treatments to get rid of it. Treatment should be avoided during pregnancy to prevent any possibility of causing harm to the fetus.

Treatment is available for all the four types of melasma treatments: epidermal, dermal, mixed, and an unnamed type found in dark-complexioned individuals. New websites, with the intention of sharing with people the hidden facts of melasma treatments, at times provide better treatment possibilities that may even evade a dermatologist. The websites present all the details of the different treatments that are suitable for a specific kind of melasma condition through free registration for e-mail programs. Not all sunscreens help in the prevention of melasma; there are instances where sunscreens have made the condition worse.

The websites give information on the brands of sunscreens that work best in healing and preventing melasma. For an immediate solution, there is a makeup combination tip that will conceal melasma treatments for an occasion. There are details of comprehensive programs that not only clear melasma, but also make the skin firmer, hair shinier, and finger nails stronger. Often, there is no need to undergo harsh laser treatments, as the right kind of over-the-counter melasma treatment can heal it easily. There are also various types of products available that contain melasma-healing Kojic acid. What people lack is the information about the right kind of melasma treatment, which would work for their specific condition. For those seeking the right type of treatment to heal their melasma, there is a small procedure of signing up for an e-mail program and the rest will be handled by the website. Finally, it is important to note that no matter what treatment is used, avoiding direct sunlight is essential for recovery.

With the wide array of treatments available, it is difficult to choose the right one, which is particularly going to be helpful in the prevailing condition. On the newly set up website, there is comprehensive information on melasma treatments, along with exclusive information on proven treatments at a reasonable cost. There is no need for women to lose their self-confidence and allow melasma to affect their everyday life, as there is a definite solution available online for them.