Announces Launch of a New Online Dating Website
08/26/2011 has launched a website called ( to help the community in Indian in search of new potential dates and future partners of the relationship. The website offers new concepts that are rare to find websites online dating traditional market-oriented in India.

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – Inc announces the launch of its new dating website online. The site is currently in beta and Inc is working on a final version will have more features for members. The price of membership is very profitable, especially for the average student. The first 1000 visitors can sign up free. Not only that, another 1000 Facebook users who are friends and fans 1 month FREE account exclusively through Facebook exclusive coupon code. is the first of four projects directed toward dating the world, inclusive of other communities. As a community based company we intend to serve the world with projects promotes local talent in India at international level that will lead to other careers in the entertainment industry.

The general manager is Simmi Mittal. She has decided that 10% of all business income generated from other companies and projects are. According to his statement:

"If we can give a healthy percentage of new in our society, other organizations may follow suit. This can lead to other agencies to work with us as a team and maybe realize that giving back to our society can only lead to a better world. The weight of economic benefit can be put to help those without the means to a better future where the world is today. " Visit: