New Homes Find Cheaper Home Insurance

New article discusses things to do to increase chances of finding even more affordable homeowners insurance coverage for a new home.

Online PR News – 02-January-2010 – – Owners of newly built homes are more likely to find low-cost home insurance quotes, according to a recent article. Building your own home can be overwhelming, what with having to plan the design of the property, acquiring the land to build it on, hiring architects, contractors and other workers, etc. But at least you can rest easy knowing that your homeowners insurance will most likely be affordable and provide customized coverage.

“As an owner of a new home, you benefit from your house not being built using toxic materials such as lead paint and asbestos,” according to the article, ‘If You Build It, Affordable Homeowners Insurance Will Come.’ “Many older homes suffer from this problem, forcing homeowners to have to deal with expensive homeowners insurance quotes.”

However, while the materials with which you build your home are definitely an influential factor, your policy rates depend on much more than that. For example, the location of your home can be the difference between affordable or outrageously expensive homeowners insurance rates.

A few things that you can do to increase your chances of finding affordable homeowners insurance coverage include:
• Avoiding building a home next to a factory, warehouse, or industrial corridor
• Avoid homes near public buildings, such as a church or funeral home, that can create parking problems
• Avoid living near an airport
• Refrain from properties that are part of a flood plain
• For safety reasons, abstain from streets with heavy traffic and intersections, especially if you have children
Remember, by building your own home, you can custom-build your property to your specifications, which provides you with opportunities to save money on your home insurance premium.

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