Industrial divisions are increasingly adopting Rust Bullet for an effective floor coating

Online PR News – 26-August-2011 – – industrial divisions are increasingly adopting Rust Bullet for an effective floor coating

August 20, 2011, Reno, NV: Industrial divisions are realizing the importance of good anti-corrosion floor coatings to protect their factory floors from the harmful impact of strong chemicals and damaging compounds. Rust Bullet has proved its worth as the most effective shield to protect the factory floors form harsh abrasive conditions.

Factories involved in the production of rubber and plastics typically face the problem of floor corrosion on their work floors. The repairs in turn add to the costs and cause frequent interruption of work. Using Rust Bullet as a floor coating, these industrial units now have a solution that gives long lasting results for floor protection. Rust Bullet floor coating stops rust and prevents corrosion for up to 10 years when properly applied. This is the first known concrete coating in the USA with such long lasting results.

For floor coating, Rust Bullet has also become a household solution for numerous people across the US. Indeed the product is so popular that it is also being exported to several European and Asian countries. It is a high performance, low-cost solution that can be easily applied on concrete floors with minimal preparation.

In the words of Mr. Andrew Smith, a Rust Bullet user for 4 years, “I own a factory manufacturing plastic products and was tired of the chemical spills damaging my floor. Nothing seemed to work till a friend recommended Rust Bullet! This has worked like magic. I now have a reliable protective layer for my factory floors and the work area does look so neat! I will strongly recommend Rust Bullet to anyone looking for an effective concrete coating”

About Rust Bullet
Rust Bullet is a unique single component industrial coating that has been awarded an unprecedented two patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. It is an advanced coating that provides much more than just rust protection. Much different from the conventional rust conversion or rust encapsulation products, Rust Bullet’s patented technologies are the most efficient methods available today to prevent the corrosion of metals and concrete floors. As an automotive paint and for coating industrial products, Rust Bullet has established itself as a leading industrial brand. It effectively provides rust protection for up to 10 years.

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